Entrepreneurship is Freedom

For the vast majority of people they follow the safe road, the road of knowing and security, of living in their comfort zone.

They adhere to societal demands of working 9-5, wanting security, looking forward to weekends, holidays and public holidays to free themselves from the bane of their existence – routine. Sitting at the desks with little inspiration or creativity watching the clock with the years disappearing at a rapid pace, working to keep busy and fill the hours rather than focusing on tasks that have substantial meaning by way of profits, creating more value for clients or developing innovative practices. The days are blurred by paying bills, being stressed and commuting to and from work with little time for hobbies or exercise and wondering is this all there is to life. Searching for the elusive work/life balance and trying to figure out how they missed their children growing up and if their bad habits and their beliefs came from school or the many years their children spent in day care being bought up by complete strangers.

Our personal and professional development is stagnated by our routines and habits we have adopted to get through another day. We take advice and receive work from people who live life on autopilot, as they are yet to start living their own life. People that are playing small for fear of judgment, criticism and looking deep within themselves. They are yet to build a company from scratch, write a proposal, take risks, stand up for what they believe, travel the world, or step foot outside their comfort zone. For they have been privileged enough to sit inside the air-conditioned offices and been given various resources to use at their disposal, been able to knowingly waste money from their yearly budget to avoid it being taken away next year, remain loyal to a company in the hope they will receive their long service payout or a gold watch, have academic qualifications a mile long and understand little about communicating effectively with people, socialising, listening or even caring.

Their daily mantra is how can I make myself look good and what can I get out of this situation. For they are driven to please their ego for they know nothing else and are often afraid of allowing their mind to quieten and listen to what they truly want from life.

Instead they go home with the sole aim of numbing the pain and their emotions, perhaps work some more, quarrel with their partner and/or children, watch TV, and overindulge in food and alcohol to dull the pain of daily life. At night, they toss and turn, worry about their job, their mortgage and career prospects and manage 5-6 hours sleep, wake up and do it all over again… If you think this is living, think again.

Freedom comes from living a life without limits. Freedom is wisdom. Wisdom is not obtained from sitting at a desk for 20 years. For freedom comes from becoming an entrepreneur and living your life authentically in the way you want to live, in accordance with your values. Let’s face it, what the world needs is more entrepreneurs – people connected to a cause, a purpose, doing work they love connecting with people based on serving clients rather than listening to the hysteria around famous people based on superficial judgements. We need to recognise the fact that we are all human, we all want love, we all sleep, eat and breath. You have the ability to achieve greatness in our lives like those we want to emulate. When you love and believe in yourself you live a life beyond your wildest dreams.

“Enthusiasm to jump out of bed every morning is the result of living your life dancing to your own tune and knowing wholeheartedly that you are making a positive difference in the world”
Angelina Zimmerman

 Do not settle and live a mediocre life, overcome your fears, as that is what limits you. Life becomes easier when you allow your true self to shine. Your life is measured in accordance with the price tag you place on yourself and that is measured through the strength of your foundations of love – self-love, self-confidence and self-respect. What price have you set yourself?

Moving out of your comfort zone is no mean feat, as it requires courage. The more you take risks, stop listening to others and push yourself to do the things you want to do yet are afraid to do, the faster you learn and grow. You discover hidden talents you never knew existed, you push yourself to new heights, you have newfound confidence and are able to do things you never dreamt possible.

In order to be in charge of your own life you need to be a leader even if that requires standing alone. Avoid taking the easy road of being led by others and what society expects. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide how you want to live. To live your best life and help others transform their lives, you have to fight harder for what you want. Learn to say ‘no’ to the things that no longer serve you. At the end of the day, life is about who you become. This transforms your life in ways you could never imagine. By playing the game of life – your way, you give yourself and the world your greatest gift.

[ut_parallax_quote] The beauty of entrepreneurship is you grow exponentially, continue working hard, follow your vision, trust what you know is in your heart to discover where the road will take you with no guarantees and many unexpected twists and turns along the way. Live a life without limits for this is freedom – it’s a life worth fighting for – Angelina Zimmerman [/ut_parallax_quote]