Empire Executive Coaching Program

Benefits of the Empire Excellence Program

1.Significantly raise productivity, performance and sales

2. Attract new talent and increase retention levels

3. Radically shift job satisfaction

4. Boost energy levels to inspire employees

5. Transform culture

6. Improved communication across teams and management

7. Increase resilience levels and reduce stress levels

8. Toolkit to improve overall business and life skills

Master Your Mindset workshop

In today’s business world, learning is an essential tool for engaging employees, attracting and retaining top talent, and developing and sustaining leadership for the organisation. – Deloitte University Press, 2016.


1. Knowledge on how the brain works and the power of the mind

2. Practical techniques to shift your mindset

3. Understanding the fundamentals of emotional intelligence

4. Mental tricks to change your current perspective

5. Sustain your energy to maximize productivity and performance

6. Shift your past, present and future using stories

Leadership Mastery workshop

This is an interactive workshop on Leadership Mastery for new and existing employees in management and executive roles. Suitable for high performing employees moving into a leadership role in the near future.


1. Leadership self-assessment and increased awareness to develop a high performing team

2. Understanding the importance of emotional intelligence in leadership

3. Practical tools and techniques to improve individual leadership skills and productivity

4. Awareness of individual and team values to drive performance

5. Communicate standards and expectations to create a high performance culture

The Foundations Of Love Speaking Engagement & Workshop

‘The Foundations of Love’ short film is an educational tool for educators, children, parents and teachers.

This film discusses the universal issue affecting millions of women and men around the world today. The Foundations of Love relates to self-love, self-confidence and self-respect. Each of the scenarios in the film relate to these three fundamental foundations.

This educational tool clearly demonstrates the consequences for an individual when they live life with unstable foundations (lack mindset) vs stable foundations (abundance mindset). I have created a six step methodology

L-E-A-D-E-R to enable children to become a leader in their own life both at school and at home. To heighten awareness for parents, children and educators to know that they can make different choices from previous generations that help them play the game of life their way.