“We invited Angelina to be a speaker at Diamond Club – a network of passionate, inspiring women who love to empower and be inspired and Angelina definitely did that. With her unique brand of humour, passion and honesty in sharing her own journey, Angelina helped us to understand how we as women need to be as focused on ourselves as much as others, so we can live and give our gifts fully. A truly inspirational evening and one, which our members thoroughly enjoyed. Thank you Angelina!”

Sabiha Vorajee High Value Woman
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dr-john-demartini-interview-22-june-2016I have an unstoppable enthusiasm for life and my focus is to be a highly valuable contributor on a global scale. My compelling vision is so grand it keeps me awake at night.

I love to challenge myself and others as I know this is the space where massive growth and great insights occur. My effervescent nature inspires others to create positive changes within a short period of time. Helping others to focus on building a life with contribution, purpose and joy.

My mission in life is to help people build strong foundations of love into their life and shift their mindset from lack to abundance through my articles on Inc.com, Empire Executive Coaching program, Leadership Mastery, Master Your Mind workshop, and The Foundations Of Love short film.


dr-john-demartini-houstonI write from the heart and have interviewed some of the best in the business:

  • Dr John Demartini the world’s leading expert in human behaviour
  • Andrew Marcello Yellow Brick Road/The Entourage
  • Joel Brown Addicted2Success
  • Peter Voogd The GameChangers Academy
  • Caleb Maddix Motivational Speaker, Author & CEO
  • Adam Markel CEO of New Peaks
  • Jake Ducey Author & Inspirational Speaker
  • Kerwin Rae Entrepreneur & International speaker
  • Jeremy Liddle CEO of Capital Pitch
  • Aaron Sansoni World’s #1 Century Sales Authority
  • Mark. A. Lack CEO of Shorten The Gap
  • Kelly Roach Million Dollar Mogul
  • Melissa Ambrosini Sel-Love Teacher & Entrepreneur
  • Ryan Stewman, The Hardcore Closer


I inspire others to have the courage to ‘Play the Game of Life Their Way’.

I have been on a journey of personal development, self-mastery and self-discovery my entire life. I have invested tens of thousands of dollars into working with leaders in their field and spent my lifetime attending personal and professional seminars and courses with leaders in their field from around the world: Dr John Demartini, Peter Voogd, Andrew Griffiths, Brian Tracy, Richard Kyioskasi, Glen Carlson, Chris Gray, and Betty Klimenko. Given my insatiable appetite for knowledge I have studied a variety of topics from a Bachelor Degree in Applied Social Science, neuron-linguistic programming, coaching, business, counselling, sales, leadership, management, fitness, beauty, deportment and TV presenting skills.

I have trained and coached thousands of Leaders, Managers, Employees, College students, and Business Professionals to achieve high levels of success in various industries with global and national companies such as: The Entourage, AMP, McGrath Real Estate, Academy Holdings, TNT Australia, Transport for NSW, Virgin mobile and SNP Security.

My coaching programs and workshops combine a lifetime of learning from personal and professional experiences, leaders in their field, books, education and world-class courses. life-long dedication, strategic thinking, and hundreds of hours of research and learning from leaders in their field and entrepreneurs.

Speaking Topics

Inner World Reflects Your Outer World

This topic is perfectly suited to those professionals in finance and the real estate industry. It explains how your inner self reflects every result you achieve in life. It covers the top 10 wealth principles and explains how it will accelerate your career to the next level.

Self Worth Creates Net Worth

This topic is perfect for entrepreneurs and business owners who want to create a business that thrives. It explains my 7-step methodology – Freedom to educate and explore the fundamental elements that create a business and life that thrives.

The Foundations of Love

This topic is suited to people of all ages as this is a universal issue that touches children, adults from business owners to parents. This topic discusses the importance of building and maintaining strong foundations of love – self-love, self-respect and self-confidence. It highlights the difference between having abundance mindset versus lack mindset and brings to life the consequences of our decisions and actions in life.

For speaking engagements:

E: info@angelinazimmerman.com

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