Entrepreneurship is Freedom

By | Entrepreneur

For the vast majority of people they follow the safe road, the road of knowing and security, of living in their comfort zone.

They adhere to societal demands of working 9-5, wanting security, looking forward to weekends, holidays and public holidays to free themselves from the bane of their existence – routine. Sitting at the desks with little inspiration or creativity watching the clock with the years disappearing at a rapid pace, working to keep busy and fill the hours rather than focusing on tasks that have substantial meaning by way of profits, creating more value for clients or developing innovative practices. The days are blurred by paying bills, being stressed and commuting to and from work with little time for hobbies or exercise and wondering is this all there is to life. Searching for the elusive work/life balance and trying to figure out how they missed their children growing up and if their bad habits and their beliefs came from school or the many years their children spent in day care being bought up by complete strangers.

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