Our lives are so incredibly short, yet many of us stay in jobs we truly despise. The signs are often there from stress related illnesses, a lack of energy, dragging our feet out the door to complaining all day every day to anyone who will listen.

Here are 3 key tell-tale signs you truly don’t love what you do.

1. Time

Those who are highly engaged in the their work are called performers and they do not notice the time. However, when you are a prisoner, you watch the clock like a hawk.

2. Distractions

Those who love what they do are laser focused on the task at hand. They pay attention to what is going on around them, create solutions, share ideas and collaborate with their team members.

A disengaged person or prisoner spends every waking moment thinking of how many things to distract themselves to get through another day.

3. Opportunities

New opportunities frequently arise when your a performer as you are enjoying what you’re doing every day versus a prisoner who has a ‘scarcity’ mindset believing there are limited opportunities in the world.

Now, is the time to take positive action to change your mindset to one of ‘abundance’ – viewing the world as having unlimited possibilities. Create the changes necessary for you to start enjoying your life once again and focus your energy on being a performer rather than a prisoner.