Remarkable leaders can be likened to a lion in a jungle, they do not have to roar to be heard.

Remarkable leaders are one of the key competitive advantages for organizations. Leaders can be described as the most crucial assets for an organization in order to succeed.

A remarkable leader can be likened to a lion in the jungle, they do not have to roar to be heard.

Remarkable leaders have a inner strength, a growth mindset, with learning being one of their top priorities. A study conducted by Deloitte on Global Human Capital Trends 2016 found that 84% of Executives rated learning as important or very important.

Those with a growth mindset believe that their brains and talent are simply the foundation and that anything can be achieved through an excellent work ethic and commitment.

These leaders display traits that set them apart and inspire others to follow their strategic vision. The 5 traits that set these leaders apart include:

1. Straight Shooters

The way these leaders communicate sets them apart from the outset.

They are observant and are articulate in their delivery of the message. They speak with a specific purpose and use their words intently.

They understand the value of listening more than they speak. One of their greatest assets that guides them is their intuition. Intuition helps guide them to make effective decisions.

2. Flexibility

These leaders are globally aware and armed with expert knowledge on the significant challenges their organization and industry face in the foreseeable future.

They realize the importance of a flexible approach in business. They are ready to  implement new ways of working and take positive action at a moment’s notice.

Remarkable leaders realize the significant benefits of workplace flexibility and the value it offers employees. The 2015 Workplace Flexibility Study found that organizations with flexibility programs achieved a rise in employee satisfaction (87%), productivity levels (71%), and employee retention (65%).

If something is not working, they are quick to implement change and aptly move the organization down the right path

3. View The World Differently

Remarkable leaders think big and believe in people’s potential and know that a learning culture plays a vital role in retaining excellent employees and sustaining a high performing culture.

They are open to trialing new ideas and discovering more innovative ways of working. Remarkable leaders are grounded yet truly believe anything is possible with the right strategies.

Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks says it best: ‘Dream more than others think practical. Expect more than others think possible. Care more than others think wise’.

4. Tough Conversations

Remarkable leaders have no problem having the tough conversations that others run from or avoid at all costs. The three key components are: collaborative approach, focus on the facts and tone of voice.

These leaders understand the key component in having tough conversations is the delivery of the message. They know that it is all about the delivery as opposed to the words used to convey the message. Your tone of voice is the most important factor.

They possess the courage to do what needs to be done and are very clear in communicating the facts surrounding an issue. Diplomatic in their approach, they encourage others to become more solution-focused and use a collaborative approach to solve issues that arise.

5. Give

These leaders have a deep gratitude for their many blessings and truly care about people which is why they foster a learning culture and implement well-being programs and other incentives to encourage people to become their best self.

These leaders are willing to give their time, money and donations to support charity organizations. According to Charity Navigator, there was an upward trend in 2015 from organizations in charitable giving. Organizations contributed $18.45 billion which rose by 3.9%.

Remarkable leaders are direct, inspirational and flexible in their approach. They are able to instill a positive workplace environment, implement innovative new ideas, boost retention levels to create a high performing workplace.

Others often emulate these leaders and feel compelled and inspired to follow their lead simply by observing their behaviors and via their own interactions with them.

Exemplary leaders are an organizations’ best asset and responsible for carving a bright future for their employees, other leaders and are a shining example of what could be.



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