Your mindset sets the foundation for your entire life. It is our feelings and thoughts that create our state of being on a daily basis. What people often forget is that whenever we want to, we have the power to create a brand new reality.

That said, every day we act on autopilot which means, 95% of our skills and behaviours are repeated or in other words these skills and behaviours have become automatic habits. Our automatic habits replicate the same thoughts and feelings which creates the same state of being. By repeating these same patterns of behaviour, we form our corresponding reality.

In order to create lasting change one must shift our automatic habits of the way we act, feel, and think along with consciously altering our usual responses to life’s situations. Once we shift these automatic habits, we can then form a new reality that is in alignment with what we actually want.

It is important to note the power of our thoughts and how they influence what we do every single day. The HeartMath Research Centre, California USA has conducted innumerable studies illustrating the correlation between our emotions and heart-brain interactions. Emotions such as anger, stress, or anxiety cause turbulent heart rhythms versus enthusiasm, love and elation which create organised heart rhythms.

By understanding these patterns in our life, it allows us the opportunity to move towards an abundance mindset by incorporating the following practices into our daily lives:

⭐️ Practice daily gratitude: this popular technique is so effective as it is impossible to feel unhappy, sad or negative when you are focusing on all of the good in your life such as a good income, a place to live, your pets, family and friends, coffee, clean water, a lovely wardrobe and business opportunities.

⭐️Watch your words: words are extremely powerful. Most people say whatever they want not realising that all of the negative and disempowering language they use creates their every day reality. One of the most common sayings being: ‘I can’t afford it…”. Take note of the words you use on a daily basis, how often are you saying have to, need to, should versus I can’t wait to, I’m excited to, or I choose to…. Very different energies which you will begin to notice when you pay attention to what you say or those around you say.

⭐️ Show your passion: Passion gives us purpose in our lives. Passionate people are optimistic by nature and live life to the fullest. They don’t waste time and tell everyone and anyone what they are passionate about. What are you passionate about? How do you express your passions in life?

⭐️ Enthusiasm: Having high energy levels and being self-confident attracts like-minded people and new opportunities. Possessing a high energy levels is one of the keys to obtaining your goals in life. Additionally, enthusiasm is highly contagious and makes others feel more positive.

⭐️ Positive thoughts: By focusing on the positive in one’s life, it becomes easier to overcome temporary conditions such a having a bad day, stressing out at work, or finding the lesson and blessings in a difficult situation such as a divorce, being made redundant or losing someone you love. Positive thoughts lead to higher levels of energy. Negative thinking becomes an addiction that people can find hard to break and it drains their energy and everyone around them.

⭐️ Unlimited possibilities: Those with a scarcity mindset have limited awareness and belief in new possibilities which is contrary to those with an abundance mindset who see unlimited possibilities via their expanded level of awareness. Know that there are many ways to achieve your goals rather than focus on a single-minded approach.

⭐️ Be the creator of your life: Move into the driver’s seat of your life, take control of your life and stop allowing others to control what you do, say and how you spend your time. When you take responsibility for your life, you realise that you have the opportunity to change any part of your life that you are currently unhappy with.

⭐️ Gain focus and clarity: By remaining focused on your goals and being very clear on where you are going, it makes it easier to achieve your ultimate goal. Many of the clients I work with struggle with obtaining clarity as they spend too much time listening to others and get confused as to which way to go. It is only when they are able to take a step back and assess what they want and why they want to achieve that goal do they become clear on their true desires.

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