Doing the same thing over and over and repeating the same routine leads to being stuck in a rut and bored out of your mind. That is why people love holidays so much, they want an immediate change from their everyday environment to explore a new environment, engage in new experiences and meet new people.

Life doesn’t have to be that way, we don’t have to wait for holidays to feel amazing, we can take action by making what might seem a minor change that can instantaneously shift our attitude and motivation. From engaging in a new hobby, starting your own business, travelling to work using a new route or mode of transport, applying for a new role or choosing to work overseas, visiting new coffee shops or inviting a new business associate to lunch.

As Chuck Palahniuk explains: “Find joy in everything you choose to do. Every job, relationship, home… it’s your responsibility to love it, or change it”.

For years, I visited the the same gym due to the convienant location, early morning classes, experienced trainers and great deal on the membership. I had been a member for many years, that said hardly any of the members spoke to anyone unless they knew each other outside the gym, you were either ignored or trampled on with the occasional chat with a member you had seen at the gym for years and on this given day they felt like you were ‘worthy’ of talking to.

The staff were often rude,  barely tolerated you when you had an enquiry and the classes were often packed. If you attended on a public holiday, it was swarming with bodies so forget about having ‘personal space’ – it was non-existent and I will be the first to admit not the most pleasurable way to work out.

Day-in and day-out, I attended the gym without giving it a second thought. When I went through a significant break up was when I knew I needed a change. This gym no longer reasonated with me and despite the convienance, it was time to look for a alternative option.

I was excited to organise an appointment to have a tour of a new gym and immediately signed up having received an exceptional deal. It was a very different environment – bright and uncrowded with much friendlier staff and more amenities. When you visit a place every day, you want to feel motivated and inspired and enjoy your time there. It is amazing how we can do the same thing for a period of time without realising the obvious drawbacks.

That one minor change has been very rewarding. I now start my day in a more inspiring way. By taking action to make one small change, I now enjoy going to the gym ten times more with the added benefit of being educated by a new personal trainer who is transforming my level of fitness not to mention chatting and laughing with the outgoing trainers and the sociable members. This new gym provided the refreshing change I was looking for.

Remember, “Change always comes bearing gifts”. – Price Pritchett

Think about your daily routine, what is one small change you could act today on to change your attitude in a positive way?