Rewire your mind to get more out of life.

Succeeding as an entrepreneur requires an entrepreneurial mindset. Without this mindset, you won’t see much success, no matter how hard you try. Having helped many entrepreneurs make the most out of their lives, I can help you do the same.

This mindset transformation program is designed to help YOU reach your FULL POTENTIAL. By reprogramming your mindset, you’ll be able to make the lifestyle changes you need to achieve your goals.

Do you…

  • Have difficulty achieving your goals?
  • Lack time to do any of the things you love?
  • Know you want more from life, but don’t know how to get it?
  • Lack love for your life and/or career?
  • Feel anxious about the future all the time?
  • Have little support or trusted advisors?
  • Struggle to find your purpose in life? 

If your answer is YES, then the Empire Coaching program is made for YOU. I will provide you with actionable steps that you can take NOW to start seeing positive changes in your life. 

Success Stories

“I’ve worked with Angie for about the last 12 months. Her techniques to motivate and maximise both my thoughts and actions have been a tremendous help. Her ability to basically hold a mirror up to me and really get me to internally reflect and find the answers within myself has been really unusual, yet very powerful. I noticed a difference in my mindset from the initial session and it only got stronger from there. I will continue seeing Angie as a regular part of my coaching as having a growth mindset is so invaluable and critical to anyone’s success. I cannot recommend Angie highly enough to anyone running a business, in sales or even someone just seeking some direction and extra motivation” – Daniel O’Brien, Managing Director and Licensee in Charge – LJ Hooker Commercial

I worked with Angelina to master some tough challenges and to progress to the next level in my professional development. During our coaching sessions, we set out to work hard and developed a realistic action plan and steps I could take to reach my goals. One of the most valuable aspects of this was being accountable to someone for my progress and the actions I needed to take. Time and action steps multiplied by intensity yields results! Her knowledge, foresight, skills and professionalism are exemplary. My heartfelt thanks”. – Hannah Chow, Vice President Legal at ADSS 

“Angelina is currently coaching me in career and personal elements of my life. This is my second experience with coaching, the previous one being more than a decade ago. I found the first experience to be rewarding, however, Angelina’s coaching is of a much higher quality. Angelina’s enthusiasm and energy are infectious. Her coaching style is fresh, engaging and insightful. What I most appreciate is that there’s no unrealistic promises of reinventing your life overnight, no whip-cracking and no negativity. Instead she focuses on a small, achievable, well-planned tasks that add up to a big difference. So far, I’ve (finally) achieved a number of those goals reserved for “one day”, while working towards bigger picture goals. I definitely recommend Angelina as a coach to anyone who is looking to make significant positive changes to their life” – Jorge Alvarez, Snr Strategic Planner at Woollahra Council

“Meeting & working with Angelina as my mindset coach has been one of the best things that happened to me. Within a few short months she has guided me to uncover so many eye opening facts about myself, my dreams, my path. Through our work together she has helped me clearly understand what makes me happy as well as helped define an achievable path to reach my dreams both personal & professional. Her upbeat, positive, & approachable personality makes it very easy to open up to deep meaningful conversations. She is a fantastic listener and I appreciate how she can quickly give tailored recommendations on whatever life subject we are discussing. My meetings with Angelina are the highlight of each week. Every time I leave energised and inspired to move forward with a positive mindset and keep pushing toward my dreams. Resultant of our work together, I am 100 percent confident that I am set up for the best year yet.” – Ally Wettengel, CEO The Spirit Bird Life

Are you ready to rewire your brain for success?

Awesome content to up level your life:

  1. Understand your Lifestyle goals
  2. Determine your true values
  3. Know which vehicle you are driving
  4. Understand the 5 levels of change and how they impact you
  5. Powerful Belief transformation
  6. Reprogram your mindset
  7. Wealth mindset vs Consumer mindset
  8. Practical strategies to build wealth and reduce debt
  9. The Mindset, Health and Wealth toolkit

Select from one of the following packages:

  1. Self-Motivated option – online program commence anytime
  2. Networking option – group sessions commence 1st of each month
  3. Confidence & Clarity – VIP package one-on-one package commence at a time that suits you

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