New research from Self-Esteem expert, Dr. Joe Rubino reported a staggering 85% of the world’s population are affected by low self-esteem. Having low self-esteem makes it difficult to feel super confident. Confidence is an interesting subject, some days you radiate loads of confidence and other days you feel like hiding out from the world. Why is that?

It is a result of the following elements: your thoughts, beliefs, physiology and focus on any given day. Think about those days when you feel super confident, you can recall thinking positive thoughts, feeling strong and inspired, standing and/or sitting straight, and focusing on being in the present moment and knowing you will produce positive outcomes.

Conversely, when we are feeling low in confidence, we are scattered in our thoughts, thinking negatively, slouching or standing with our arms crossed, low in energy and feeling unfocused during the events of the day. All of these elements combined create your confidence on any given day. Practice these 4 daily methods to boost your confidence:

  • Achievements: Make a list of all the achievements in your life and the challenging situations you successfully overcame. Once you have completed your list, place the list somewhere in your home, car or office where you will be able to see this list every day. Whenever you start to get worried or fearful about a situation, take the list out to remind yourself how successful you have been in the past and the challenges you have been able to overcome.


  • Anchoring: Anchoring is the process of associating an internal response with an external trigger to create a desired emotional state. For example: If we want to feel more confident, we can think about a time when we felt super confident and then choose an anchor such as a particular song, adopting a particular stance, saying a quote or word, wearing a particular outfit or piece of jewelry to help your quickly produce your preferred desired state.


  • Love Yourself: Give yourself the credit you deserve by thinking about how amazing, strong, beautiful and kind you are. Whether you say it aloud before you leave for work in the morning or you visualise yourself living your best life. My clients love morning affirmations, at first it might be tough and feel strange however the more you stick with it, it starts to shift your mindset and help you feel amazing before you even walk out the door.


  • Visualise Your Ideal Self: This is an exercise I use when working with my coaching clients, write down the list of characteristics that describe you at present next create a second list of all of the characteristics you would exude when you think about your ideal self. Review both of the lists and write down what the gap is. From there, you can begin to visualise your best self and work on changing your beliefs and behaviours to demonstrate the new characteristic you want to exude.

It is amazing the difference these 4 methods can make to your level of confidence on any given day. When working with coaching clients and reviewing what they have learnt or changed during our time together, confidence is the number 1 skill set they increase significantly. In turn, this enables them to take massive action to achieve their desired goals. The best part is once they have the toolkit, they are able to successfully use the toolkit on their own to continue to create positive changes moving forward.

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