Use this process to alter your mindset to create long-term success.

The results we produce in our life are resultant of our mindset. As Anthony Robbins explains: “80 percent of success is due to psychology — mindset, emotions and beliefs — and only 20 percent is due to mechanics.”

As humans, we are blessed with the ability to change our reality. It requires shifting our mindset along with our beliefs, language, and the script we continually run.

Our inner world reflects our outer world, which can be evident in business, particularly during challenging times.

Russ Ruffino says it best: “Business is like a mirror. The business is constantly reflecting back to you everything in your brain: all of your fears, all of your doubts, all of the things you are not great at, and all of the things you are insecure about.”

The power of a story.

Out of the blue, your best friend invites you to the opening of a film. You immediately say yes, without even knowing what the film is about. Sitting in the packed cinema with your popcorn and Diet Coke, you eagerly await for the film to start.

As the credits roll, your name appears in lights. This is the movie of your life — in fact you directed it. The movie illustrates your journey, full of love, success, loss, challenges, relationships, career triumphs, blessings, and disappointments.

In the cinema, you appear larger than life. The world can see how you present yourself, the way you communicate, your innermost thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and behavior.

What would your reaction be?

Would you jump with joy, or run to the box office to demand that this copy and all other copies of the film be destroyed?

What word would you use to describe your life?

Inspirational, ecstatic, disappointed, sad, annoyed, or forgettable? Would you want to crawl under the seat and hide until the film is finished, or worse, run out of the cinema?

To evolve requires moving into heightened levels of awareness, traveling on the never-ending path of self-discovery, and making the decision to change. It requires the level of intensity and raw emotion that two teenage lovers experience wanting to make love for the first time.

Here are the steps to program your mindset for long-term success:

Change the words In the script.

Every word we think and say has power, and those words resonate throughout the universe to give us what we want or don’t want. Our words forms our beliefs. What is it you believe? Write down your beliefs and the reasons you hold them to be true.

Start paying attention to the words you use, the power behind your words, and the phrases or words you use repeatedly.

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Rewrite your entire script.

All events that occur in our life are neutral — until we decide to label them. Our life is simply what we tell ourselves it is by way of a “script” or “story.”

We can change the script at any time by rewriting it. It helps to actually write it down, so, start with the old story, then write it in a new way. Start telling yourself a different story rather than repeating the story that no longer serves you.

Keep your light shining bright.

As a business owner, one of the key factors in playing the long game is learning the art of energy management. To quote from Stephen Spielberg: “My problem is that my imagination won’t turn off. I wake up so excited, I can’t eat breakfast. I’ve never run out of energy.”

Identify where your energy goes. Assess what is energizing you versus draining you.

Change the set and props.

This is a game-changer. Think about your home and work environment and the people you associate with. We become like the five people we associate with the most, from their incomes and mindsets to beliefs and standards.

Everything is energy, therefore, if you are constantly saying negative things about where you work or live, the energy in the environment reflects exactly that.

Remove clutter, reorganize your home or office, maintain cleanliness, and most important, be mindful of the people you associate with.

Be the director of your life. Throw away the old script. Write a new script, and update the sets and props to keep your energy shining bright.

Create a film that is inspirational, stirs your excitement, creates a positive difference in the world, leaves you with no regrets, and helps you achieve things beyond your wildest dreams.


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