Entrepreneur Aaron Sansoni shares the 5-step formula to living a life by design.

Aaron Sansoni is an entrepreneur who lives by his mantra: sales rolling in freedom rolling out. Becoming a master at sales has lead to traveling the globe speaking to entrepreneurs to help them learn the tools required to persuade and influence. For these key skills are responsible for creating enormous business growth.

Sansoni recently penned a book titled: ThinkLike, where he interviewed 21 of the world’s best business leaders on how they think and win in the game of life. The basis of any business is sales. Your ability to influence and persuade trumps everything.

The most common question Sansoni is asked on the speaking circuit is: ‘How can I be successful – what are the ingredients to success?’. 

Success is a recipe which is filled with ingredients you don’t want to eat. In order to become successful, you have to change your diet. This means you need to fall in love with what most people don’t like – hard work, rejection, and haters. To acquire a taste for those ingredients requires reframing your mindset.

Live by Design

First and foremost, ‘Live your life by design not by default’.

To give you an example, living life by default in the micro is going into the office and opening your emails and taking action based on what you find instead of you actively managing your day.

Actively managing your day means taking positive action towards the achievement of your goals.

To live a life of design, begins with absolute clarity around your purpose and passion. The final step is determining how you can profit from it.

  • Purpose

Your purpose is something you excel at and has significant meaning for you. It offers you an abundance of joy and fulfillment.

Growing up in a disadvantaged home, Sansoni was fortunate to discover his purpose in life whilst working part-time jobs as a teenager.

  • Passion

Passion is linked to your purpose and is something you really love to do. If you love something that is not aligned with your purpose, take a deeper look:

What am I truly passionate about that aligns with my purpose in life?

At times, people confuse excelling at something as their passion. Sansoni recalls as a teen playing sport, he knew two top basketball players who could have played internationally. When they friends started going out at age seventeen, they quit. They quit because although they were passionate about basketball, it was not their purpose in life.

  • Profit

Living on purpose and being truly passionate about the work you do is a gift.

The final step is to decipher how to generate a profit from it. Generating a profit allows you to serve at the highest levels and accelerate business growth.

Sansoni’s purpose, profit and passion in life is education. A lifelong commitment that has  expanded into opportunities including: media, technology, and real estate.

The Formula For Living Your Life By Design

1. Obligation

Sansoni believes he has an obligation to the world to share his message and help others succeed. Being committed to teaching people sales is highly rewarding and creates success for others.

2. Influence

In order to serve at the highest levels and reach a global audience, it all comes down to your ability and power to influence and persuade.

Your inability to sell and promote means business success comes to a grinding halt.

3. ART

Developing a strong personal brand ensures that everyone knows your name, where you are and how to find you.

Clients come looking for you instead of you constantly chasing prospects.

Sansoni developed the ART methodology: Authority, Expertise and Trust to help entrepreneurs identify the key ingredients for building a strong personal brand.

4. Naivete

Sansoni believes in the power of being naive. Most people don’t start because they tap themselves out of success before they even begin.

Naive people sincerely believe they have gifts to offer the world and remain humble in the process. Naive people find it easier to believe they can do anything for they do not have the inner critic yelling in their ear.

As we become older and more experienced in life, we often have a loud inner critic that can successfully talk us out of taking action or over-analyze things which effectively talks you out of an idea before reaching the starting line.

5. Experts 

My advice is to associate with two types of people:

1. Expert by results

2. Expert by research

If you want to be an Olympic swimmer, learn from an Olympic swimmer or a coach who has coached many Olympic swimmers. Spend your time, energy, and money learning from those who do what you want to do.

People waste inordinate amounts of time, energy and money on things that are unnecessary, have little value or depreciate such as: clothing, cars, gadgets, and entertainment.

Sansoni highlights the importance of educating yourself. You have your brain for life and rely on it to make excellent decisions daily. Think of your brain as an asset for when you feed your brain with positive thoughts and information you are investing into it and therefore it appreciates.

For your life to change, you must change. Have a thousand percent clarity and absolute conviction for what living on purpose means to you.

Live on purpose like Oprah Winfrey, exude passion like Anthony Robbins and know how to generate a profit like Donald Trump from what you love to do. You are the creator of your own life and have the power to design your masterpiece.


This article was originally published on Inc.com