Andrew Morello, winner of the first season of The Apprentice in Australia, explains the four greatest mindset challenges.

Everywhere you turn, it seems that Andrew Morello is there and it is no surprise given he is focused on serving at the highest level and reaching as many people as possible around the globe.

Morello is the winner of the first season of The Apprentice in Australia, Head of Business Development at Yellow Brick Road, a founding member of The Entourage, a shareholder of six companies, and an ambassador for several charities that are very close to his heart.

Morello has the opportunity to meet many people throughout Australia and overseas, from those interested in a finance career to excited entrepreneurs learning from experts who have mastered their craft at The Entourage.

Today, entrepreneurs are ambitious and keen to make a difference. However, their mindset prevents them from reaching the levels of success they so desire. There was a clear difference in terms of mindset between entrepreneurs who succeeded and those who fell short. The four greatest mindset challenges are outlined.

4 Greatest Mindset Challenges

1. Breaking Free

The first mindset shift is breaking free from the conditioning you received growing up. When you do, the next step is to reprogram your mindset.

Growing up, young adults are often advised to take a particular path or to live up to their parents expectations. Parents and teachers continually recommend one of the following professional occupations: Accountant, Doctor, Lawyer, or Engineer.

They believe this is the key to success in life and that studying and working hard in an professional occupation can allow parents to be proud and brag to the rest of the world how brilliant and accomplished their son or daughter is irrespective of happiness or fulfillment.

Young adults must be taught to take responsibility for making their own life choices. They need to learn to trust themselves and if they make a mistake, know that they can rectify it and change course. As Morello suggests, young adults need to become the captain of their fate and master of their destiny.

2. Gaining Perspective

The youth of today do not realize how blessed they are. They have not experienced a great war or great depression, like our ancestors. We have nothing as profound to compare our life to.

The vast majority of the population have not spent time in the slums of India, visited a warzone to see the real life casualties or visited one of the poorest countries in the world – Malawi. That said, there is a high possibility, you won’t have the same appreciation for life our ancestors did.

The biggest war in the world today is one of a ‘spiritual war’ where countries use religion to fight. Alongside that is a far bigger war, the spiritual war within ourselves. Morello believes that depression comes from within ourselves and stems from a lack of juxtaposition which means your level of success and the barometer is remarkably different.

The roles of women and men in society have changed dramatically and people are unsure what their role is or where they fit in. To add to the confusion, we have a lot more options in life making choices more difficult to make.

Morello recalls growing up that he father worked in the family business seven days a week and his mother was responsible for looking after the children and taking care of household matters. These days, many couples work with children being taken care of by those working in childcare Centre from early morning until evening.

3. ‘Bouncebackability’

Too many adults, rush into things and do not have a robust plan for those times when things go wrong. They lack the ‘bouncebackability’ to stay strong when challenges arise.

In business, you have to be prepared to take hits along the way and create a back up strategy so you know exactly what to do.

Morello was fortunate enough to take a year out to consolidate his life and reset his mindset by reviewing where he was in life and take action to re-evaluate his life direction.

4. Know Your HBU

HBU is a property term and stands for highest and best use. Morello believes this is a great question to ask to decide what to focus on: ‘What is my highest and best use?’.

Morello explains, a day in my life involves face-to-face meetings with clients and business associates because that is what I excel at. My team does everything else so I can utilize my time effectively.

Another big mindset shift for entrepreneurs is making an investment to take your current revenue to the next level.

Say for example, an entrepreneur earned an income of $150K and they want to hire a personal assistant. Many entrepreneurs believe they have to share their income with the personal assistant, when in reality they don’t. It has never been simpler or cost effective to build a team resultant of globalization and technology.

When we live for others and attempt to live by their rules and expectations, life can begin to feel like we are going round and round on the same cycle in a washing machine.

Whereas when you make the decision to master your mindset by overcoming these mindset challenges, it is only then that you soar to new heights. Morello is a testament to this point.

Take responsibility for your life by living life by your rules and deciding what you want. Mind shift shifts help you live more authentically by stripping bare, removing your mask and being the person you truly want to be in life.

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