Having lost 3 test series, the team of India decided to make a change. They choose to shift their mindset and went on to achieve 2 victories. Virat Kohli, Captain of the India team explains the power of our mindset. Kohli said: “We showed more belief in our abilities and that we could win from any situation. That really turned our mindset around. From then on you can see the results.”

When we have absolutely no doubts that we will achieve something in life and make the decision to achieve a goal, it is incredible to see how fast our reality can change. Undoubtedly, our mindset is the key to shifting our reality to create meaningful relationships, vitality and making wise decisions with our wealth.

Often in life, we want to ignore or avoid some of the challenges that arise when in fact we need to pay attention to the warning signs and make immediate changes. Unfortunately, many people wait for a major life-changing event to occur before deciding to wake up and pay attention. Here are 3 signs to pay attention to:

1. Relationship Challenges

When we are too focused on our priorities or holding on way too tight to specific outcomes it should really come as no surprise that your relationships suffer. Many people use work as an excuse to avoid facing relationship issues or dealing with emotional situations. Instead of facing up to the challenges that arise, they avoid dealing with the situation altogether.

In fact, 30% of entrepreneurs working more than 60 hours a week, reported relationship problems.

2. Health Takes A Downhill Slide

One of the most obvious signs that something is seriously wrong in your life is when your health shifts quickly downhill. When you stop taking care of yourself and begin to constantly run on empty, it stops the momentum that attracts opportunities and helps maintain positive relationships. The longer you neglect your health needs, the more challenging it is for you to rebuild the momentum. To make matters worse, it depletes your ability to stay positive and overcome challenges.

3. Financial Issues

When financial issues arise, it can feel like a tsunami ripped through your entire life literally within minutes. Financial issues can take over one’s entire life and impacts everyone around them.

Whilst moving through a tsunami may seem fast, the rebuilding of one’s life is certainly not. It takes time and involves paying attention to the details you missed first time around, like being able to balance optimism with a dose of reality and most importantly taking excellent care of your most important assets – your relationships and health.

The keys to success in life involve maintaining a positive mindset and nuturing your greatest assets – relationships, health and wealth.