If you want to be the founder of a billion-dollar empire, study these mental tricks.

Peter Voogd is author of the 27-time international best-selling book 6 Months to 6 Figures, creator of the wildly successful ‘The Young Entrepreneur Lifestyle’podcast, and founder of the prestigious Game Changers Academy.

Voogd has been studying millionaires and billionaires for the past twelve years. He believes the vast majority have a substantial lack of awareness and understanding of what it takes to become a billionaire like Doris Fisher (co-founder of Gap), Jack Ma (founder of Alibaba), Elizabeth Holmes (founder of Theranos) or Jeff Bezos (founder of Amazon.

A recent article by Forbes reported there are 1,810 billionaires in the world today with an overall net worth of $6.48 trillion and an average net worth about $3.6 billion.

Voogd highlights the major mistakes that many non-billionaires make:

•  Being oblivious of the power of their circle of influence.

•  Staying uninformed about the specific actions required to achieve success.

•  Trying to do everything on their own.

•  Having a consumer mindset, addicted to spending and saving rather than investing.

If you want to be the next founder of a billion-dollar empire, study Voogd’s top ten mental tricks for success:

1. A New Perspective

Billionaires allow their self-image to precede their reality — they know exactly what they are going to accomplish, what they are capable of achieving, and what they want from every area of their life.

2. Produce Richly

Billionaires are producers.

To consume richly one must produce richly.

Produce valuable products and services that significantly add value to people’s lives. When you can do this, no longer will you need to introduce yourself as people will already know your name.

Do the opposite of those who are addicted to the consumption mindset.

Consumer versus Producer

  • Take a class versus offer a class.
  • Borrow money versus lend money.
  • Job search versus hire people.
  • Buy products versus sell products.

3. Persistence

There are two options in life: you can become mentally tough or give up.

Mental toughness is an investment of persistence, like watching grass grow or buying a bond. It requires playing the long game and having the patience to wait for results.

Billionaires drop the need to be liked early on. As Voogd explains, when you stop worrying about what others think of you, that is when you start to see “real success.”

People give up due to impatience, failure, and an addiction to results.

4. Bulletproof Mindset

Billionaires develop a bulletproof mindset from their supportive circle of influence.

Their circle of influence makes them feel exceptional, challenges them to be, do and have more in life, and elevates them to higher standards.

This is the game-changer — for you become who you associate with.

Start by eliminating the toxic people in your life such as those who whine, complain, and drain your energy, and evaluate those you associate with.

5. Create Your Reality

Billionaires create their own reality based on what they want.

To create your own reality, focus on your energy bubble and circle of influence.

As everything in life is energy, when we exude a positive, high energy on a daily basis, it allows us to attract the people and things we want in life.

Billionaires understand this and use it as a basis for making decisions, employing their intelligence, vision, and grasp of the possibilities in life.

“Reality is not what you look at, it’s what you see.” — Peter Voogd

Unfortunately, the vast majority of us focus on fear, emotion, or past failures.

6. Leverage Failure

Billionaires know that failure is part of the path to massive growth. They value it and allow it to build their confidence and courage. Failure fosters wisdom and education.

The key is to remain loyal to yourself and your vision, and to sustain your level of confidence despite the number of times you fail.

7. The “Double C”

Billionaires have loads of the “Double C” — certainty and confidence. They get it by making valuable products, as opposed to the rest of society, which is addicted to getting paid. This is the main reason people don’t leave their 9-to-5 jobs.

Instead of relying on the opinions of others, reading, and attending seminars, billionaires cultivate the Double C in various ways:

• From their inspirational vision.

• Resultant of their personal growth.

• Becoming a powerful producer.

• Taking very few opinions.

8. Experiment Daily

Billionaires experiment while others are stuck on the path of perfectionism.

For example: A billionaire creates seven different products, puts them out to market, and makes money from three of those products. Meanwhile, an entrepreneur on the path of perfectionism hasn’t gone to market due to an obsession with one product.

9. Solve The Jigsaw Puzzle

Billionaires are people developers — they strategically craft their dream team and hire people that love their weaknesses.

Think of a jigsaw puzzle: billionaires look for all the pieces of the puzzle to create a team that is aligned with the vision.

10. Savvy Investor

Billionaires are investors who know how to scale and leverage. They continually invest in their:

1. Personal growth

2. Business

3. Assets

4. Memorable experiences

Billionaires engage in meaningful work while maximizing memorable experiences that inspire them to play at a higher level.

If you want to play the game of life at a higher level, use these mental tricks to think like a billionaire. By changing your mindset, you can change your life.

This article first appeared in Inc.com.