Dr. John Demartini explains what it takes to make your company a success.

On the 22nd of June, 2016 in Sydney, Australia I had the privilege of sitting down to talk to one of my favorite educators in the world and someone that inspires me greatly, Dr. John Demartini.

Demartini is an international speaker, leadership and performance specialist, and an author. He is one of the world’s leading authorities in human behavior and professional and personal development.

Dr. John Demartini and Angelina Zimmerman

The Billionaire Mindset

A billionaire is a rare breed and has the mindset to match.

Billionaires form part of the most illustrious and exclusive clubs in the world, consisting of 0.7 percent of the global population. Forbes reported that there are 1,810 billionaires in the world today. In the United States, the greatest number of billionaires are based in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and San Francisco. 

Billionaires adopt a specific mindset where there are no limitations of what is possible unlike the general population who reach a ceiling irrespective of the fact that they are an entrepreneur or an employee.

Billionaires have a talent, a gift, a flair for finding out what the world needs, being inspired to fill that need whilst serving vast numbers of people. A billionaire thinks on a grand scale in order to serve the world’s population rather than one individual.

If you want a billion dollar company you have to do a billion dollars worth of service. The magnitude of the challenge and the problem you are willing to solve determines the results you achieve.

Billionaires in the world meet vast needs. They care enough about humanity to find out what those needs are and are inspired to serve those needs.

Give Yourself Permission

Entrepreneurs give themselves permission to serve either an individual, a community, a city, a state or several states, a nation, or the whole world. It varies considerably.

When I sat down with Demartini, he asked me to imagine a scenario, where you meet someone whom you care about and they have a need you can solve for which they pay you for your service. This person is also the owner of a company with 25 employees and they hire you to help them.

At this point, you realize your solution can help an industry with that same challenge, and the executives within that industry hire you. Further down the track, you learn that another fifty industries face the same universal challenge and once again you are hired.

Basically, you decide who to serve, whether it is an individual, a company, a variety of  industries or a nation. At the end of the day, the more people you serve, the greater the rewards.

Serve A Billion People

By creating a cutting-edge solution that effectively serves millions of individuals, organizations, and industries you can expect vast rewards financially in the millions if, not billions. A great example is Bill Gates, who co-founded Microsoft and effectively solved a challenge for billions of people and organizations around the world.

Conversely, when you do something that is limited to a group of people you may not be honored with that same type of reward.

Demartini believes if you stay with something long enough, every one else dies out and you end up at the top. The key to success is taking daily incremental change towards your long-term vision.

Inexperienced entrepreneurs have a small vision and don’t believe in their ability to create and deliver a cutting edge solution. They have great ideas yet fall down as they have not researched the idea to find out if this is what the world needs or wants. Then wonder why every day they constantly fight an uphill battle.

Extraordinary Outcomes

Low priority tasks devalue you, your services which prevent you from growing. Alternatively, high priority tasks create extraordinary outcomes.

Demartini learnt this lesson when he felt trapped in his business and completing low priority tasks. Today, life looks exceptionally different, spending all of his time researching, writing, traveling, and teaching.

Every day is an opportunity to streamline, prioritize and become more effective and efficient. Look at what’s working and what isn’t then ask yourself how you could do it more effectively and efficiently.

Live An Inspired Life

To live an inspired life you must do what inspires you.

By completing the activity outlined below, Demartini felt liberated and watched his practice take off at lightning speed. He smashed through plateaus and limitations around delegation.

When building your team, hire people more competent than you so you don’t have to micro-manage. Micro-management creates micro-results.

Now, grab a notepad and pen and write an exhaustive list of every task you complete both personally and professionally over a one month period.

  • An Exhaustive List: Be very specific, general topics such as: marketing or accounting are too broad, break it down. Many years ago, Demartini had a chiropractic business and his list included: examinations, consultations, blood analysis, radiographs, reports, clinical care, managing staff, and speaking engagements.
  • Return On Investment: Next to each task, write down what the ROI is. Place a dollar value next to each task and prioritize. Demartini’s top 3 included: speaking, clinical work and examinations.
  • Time & Energy: For each task determine the following:
    • The level of meaning and apply a rating between 1-7.
    • Determine the cost of an employee to complete this task to the same quality.
    • Time to complete the task.

Demartini delegated everything to concentrate on serving greater numbers of people.

Now more than ever, we need inspired entrepreneurs with a colossal vision. An entrepreneur who truly cares about humanity, wants to create incredible results that significantly change people’s lives and delivers cutting-edge solutions to revolutionize our world. I am hoping it’s YOU.


This article was originally published on Inc.com