The simple fact of life is that those who expect more out of life, get more. If you have low or no expectations, expect to get that in return.

The reason you may not be wildly wealthy right now, is due to the correlation between your financial set point and one’s level of self-esteem. For these are the 2 determining factors to becoming wealthy.

1. Your Financial Thermostat

Whether you subconsciously or are unconsciously aware of it, we all have a financial thermostat which is set at a particular point. Basically, it is our comfort zone which is the amount of money we are able to earn and save. Your comfort zone stems from your inner world, your beliefs rather than your outer world.

Think about all of the people you have met in your life, there are those people who work their entire lives for a meagre salary and have alot of debt whilst others earn millions and feel comfortable with debt to the tune of millions of dollars resultant of their investments in businesses and/or assets.

2. Your Level of Self-Esteem

Suze Orman explains the law of financial psychics, when self-esteem rises your debt diminishes. Your level of self-esteem dictates your financial thermostat or financial ceiling.

Those with low self-esteem sabotage their wealth as they value and purchase more things to make themselves feel better. In effect, this mentality damages your self-esteem even further and erodes your wealth. Essentially, you are working for nothing.

To quote from Pete Wargent, Author of ‘The Wealth Way’: ‘Your beliefs determine your wealth thermostat and the level of your personal wealth’. 

Therefore, in order to change your level of wealth, you need to change your beliefs. For the world does not value one whom does not value themselves.

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