My mission in life is to help people shift their mindset from lack to abundance via my Empire Executive Coaching program, my corporate workshop ‘The Limitless Mindset’, Zillionaire Superstars podcast show and my articles on, Addicted2Success and I help entrepreneurs gain clarity, confidence and move swiftly to an abundance mindset in order to achieve their personal and professional goals. When studying and examining successful people in the world. It is not their skills, talents, knowledge or experience that makes them successful. All of these things can be attained by anyone, what sets successful people apart is their specific mindset they have chosen to adopt. For some people these mindsets are inherent, however for the majority of the population it must be learnt. What I do is bridge the gap by providing strategies and tools to adopt this specific mindset that the most successful people in the world have in order to achieve results.

How to improve your emotional and mental well-being

Edita Atteck is a Breakthrough Strategist, Speaker and Author whom works with visionary women to help them build extraordinary businesses. Atteck excels at helping women optimise their mindset, rewire their inner programming, reduce stress and improve their overall health and wellbeing. In this episode, Atteck shares her daily CEO ritual, the challenges for women running a successful business, discovering her true passion, overcoming challenges and shifting her business model resultant of COVID.

The 6 habits that changed my life forever

Laura DiBenedetto is America’s Happiness Coach and the #1 Bestselling Author of The Six Habits, CEO of Vision Advertising, and TEDx Speaker. Laura describes herself as an ordinary person who’s been through the ringer, and came out swinging. In this episode, Laura is a no-nonsense communicator who shares the fact she follows no daily success ritual, the fact that she became an entrepreneur as a result of being a terrible employee having 14 jobs in one year – half she was fired from and the other jobs she left. Laura realised things had to change in life when she realised the wasteland inside her mind and the challenges she encountered in being kind to oneself. Lastly, the moment we both became teary when Laura shared the most harrowing moment of her life when her father helped her escape from a domestic abuse situation. All of the running from her pain, ultimately led to her greatest success, a moment of surrender which led to her passion and purpose in life, helping others by writing her book The 6 Habits – practical tools for bringing your dreams to life and most recently sharing her story at TedX.

How radical resilience helped me overcome COVID-19

Kelly Ruta is a seasoned psychotherapist turned Speaker, Mentor, and Coach for audacious change agents who want to disrupt the status quo. In this episode, Kelly speaks of her harrowing ordeal with COVID-19 and her existing health conditions which made overcoming the illness even more challenging.
Kelly shares her daily ritual which is to ensure she finds a way to laugh every morning as it gives her energy, the power of her mindset and radical resilience, the importance of daily habits, and approaching wellness in all areas of your life in a holistic manner. Kelly is currently working with a dynamic mentor, Kelly Roach to help her smash her goals and shares the importance of surrounding herself with positive, trustworthy people.

To quote from Kelly, “No matter what shows up for me in life to challenge me, I might get knocked down but I will always get back up”.

From tough lessons to building a global empire

Genecia Alluora is a super inspiring woman who empowers women globally. Alluora lives in Singapore and is a former beauty queen and founder of Soul Rich women.

Alluora went from juggling multiple jobs to support her family and overcoming bullying to building a global community, becoming the host of two podcasts and building an empire. In this episode, Alluora shares lessons learnt from early days as an entrepreneur building businesses, how to set up a solid partnership, the power of ABC – Awareness, Beliefs and Consistency, the importance of not being afraid of the unknown, and how we are strong being alone yet unstoppable together. A jam packed episode with lot’s of wisdom.

Financial independence and going all in

Sophie Musumeci is the CEO and founder of Real Entrepreneur Women where women can join an uncensored real-deal mastermind community. The purpose of the mastermind community is to launch entrepreneurial women into their dreams while they smash their business goals. Sophie is an international best-selling author who was named as an Inside Small Business Finalist and an Optus My Business Finalist.

In this episode, Sophie talks about the power of your mindset and energy, shifting your beliefs, going all in with your business to be successful, the importance and power of women gaining financial independence. We discuss the challenges of juggling your business and family and how your family and their beliefs can impact your your life and business decisions.

Finding happiness and creating success living beyond extremes and addictions

Goose McGrath is the CEO of dashdot buyers agents, whose mission is to help entrepreneurs and everyday Australians build scalable property portfolios, so they can live a life of freedom, choice and abundance.

In this episode, we discuss McGrath’s journey from successful DJ to working in real estate as a buyers agent, the real game changer in giving up addictions, the purpose and real reason to write down your goals daily, the power of asking questions, building a sustainable wealth strategy and an exit plan and his journey to starting the dashdot buyers agency.

Creating emotional, mental, soul and spiritual success

Dr. Anthony Rhodman is a spiritual psychologist who enhances mental wellness as a personal development trainer and life coach. He is a professional keynote speaker who focuses on removing the misconceptions about our true capabilities.

Rhodman is a leading authority in spiritual psychology and personal achievement, and he uses divinely-inspired techniques to improve mental performance. As CEO and founder of Success Epitomized LLC, he consults and provides personal growth strategies for both companies and individuals. His clients consist of professional athletes, models, business executives, financial investors, health and wellness companies, recording artists, and legal firms. He shares the divinely-inspired techniques that he uses with clients to help them achieve the success they want in their life.

Chasing perfection and the art of letting go

Rachel Brooks is an entrepreneur, Author of Chasing Perfection and Host of the Confident Woman podcast show. Rachel has helped many women challenge their limiting beliefs to redefine who they are and to help them recreate their stories to live a life they love.

In this podcast episode, we learn about Rachel’s journey as a perfectionist and how she overcame a difficult, dark period in her own life. She shares the significance of the Frozen song by Disney, how she moved from being a perfectionist with a constant need to control everything and worry about what is next in her life to moving into a place of practicing the art of surrender and letting go. Rachel explains how to face your fears, how to reframe failure, becoming more present along with learning and growing on a daily basis.

The strongest bond in relationships is with your family

John Vuong is the owner of Local SEO Search. His parent’s immigrated from Vietnam to Canada to raise their family, where John was born. They were a tight knit family which is what attributed to John and his siblings achieving success in their own lives. They grew up with few luxuries and this provided John with a strong desire to achieve.

With a degree in Business finance, Vuong entered the world of advertising and marketing with Yellow Pages for many years before branching out on this own. He started an SEO business with little knowledge after identifying a need from his business customers.

Today, Vuoung is reading everything and anything about nutrition after having lost 40 pounds due to a health scare from living an unhealthy, convenient lifestyle. Vuong believes his tight knit family growing up taught him to build a successful team by treating his employees like family. The keys to success are staying grounded and respecting everyone, adopting a curious mindset and giving more as it not only helps others, it also helps you in every area of your own life.

From burning cash to building successful businesses

Today, Adam Mendler is the CEO of the Veloz Group, where he co-founded and oversees ventures across a wide variety of industries.

Starting out in business with his brother, they both had lofty goals and brilliant ideas. After a period of 18 months in business, Mendler and his brother learnt valuable lessons about cashflow and the importance of having cashflow move in the right direction. When their cashflow was running low they quickly pivoted the business which led to a successful outcome.

In addition to his business experience, Mendler has interviewed over 300 interviews with leading CEO’s, founders, athletes, celebrities and influencers for his podcast show – Thirty Minute Mentors, Mendler shares that successful people focus on lifelong learning and staying on top, which is why they continue to push themselves further to achieve greater levels of success.

How to network your way to success in business

Desiree Martinez is an outgoing, problem-solver and goal orientated woman. Her superpower is developing creative content ideas that improve brand awareness and increase conversions for her clients. In this episode, Martinez and I discuss the importance of sleep and purchasing a fancy pillow, how she started her business during a crashing economy, having fun via networking and how she was able to build her business, why her mum was instrumental to her success, the importance of having lofty goals, the most under utilised tool for marketing, why entrepreneurs are always on rented land and the number one factor that is crucial for achieving success.

Home is where the heart is

Tamar Hela is a Global Citizen, writer and former publisher. Hela is also the COO of the digital agency Genius Encel and Co-President of Linked In Local Asia. Hela grew up in California yet her heart lies in Shanghai, China where she now lives and set up a Linked In local networking community which started with 350 members last year and has now grown to 3,000 members in February 2020. In this episode, we discuss Hela’s challenging home environment growing up with her father’s drug abuse, mindset tips for overcoming challenges, learning the power of delegation and choosing the right team members and allowing them to shine, taking responsibility for her life and learning the gift of forgiveness.


Feel live again by challenging yourself physically

Nate Bailey is a Leadership trainer, Executive coach and the host of Championship Leadership podcast from Minnesota in the US.

In this Zillionaire Superstars episode we discuss how Bailey built successful businesses in real estate and insurance, the keys to real estate investing, how Bailey changed every area of his life by investing in himself and going through a mindset transformation, learning the benefits of working with a mentor to up level, the importance of challenging yourself via a physical challenge- competing to feel alive again and being inspired by David Goggins.

Overcoming the challenges of working in the car industry and changing customers perceptions

In this episode, I discuss with these two Stanford University business graduates from San Francisco, Chris Coleman and Nicholas Hinrichsen our favourite cars. Chris is actually building a car from scratch. How these guys started their first business, the first 3 rounds of their fundraising process, how they ended up selling their first business – Carlyspo to Carvana. The challenges of working in the car industry, overcoming customer’s perceptions and building trust, using challenges as motivation, the mindset tips entrepreneurs can adopt to win, and learnings from their current situation.

Understanding the purpose to your pain

Jordan Candlish is the Founder of State Shifters. He has a transformational 8 week program called Purpose By Design. Candlish helps growth minded professionals raise their standards so they can find inner peace and build a life around their purpose. In this episode, we discussed what keeps people stuck, the low and high level coping mechanisms we use, the purpose of pain in our lives, the fact that we have the ability to choose how we respond to situations, how to manage your emotions, the benefits of meditation, blessings from COVID-19 and tools we can use to process our emotions. Fascinating twists and turns in our conversation, well worth a listen.

Measuring the temperature of where you are now

Daria Tsvenger helps people tap into the power of the brain to gain clarity, develop emotional resilience and help you define your next steps in life. In this episode, we discuss measuring the temperature of where you are, help you to stop resisting life, manage your fears, the importance of taking action, auditing the information you consume on a daily basis, how to let go of suffering and building a stronger mindset.

Insights to Live By

‘Whenever the current shifts, swim in that direction’, explains Matt Zinman from his new book Z-isms – Insights To Live By. In this episode, we discuss the current situation and how to manage your mindset, the importance of structure, mood scale, the problem with worrying, how to practice gratitude and take your perception snapshot as well as navigating our relationships.

Limits, Possibilities and Opportunities

Chip Baker from The Success Chronicles has a favorite sayings – Go Get It and that is exactly the message he shares with us today.
Baker encourages entrepreneurs to just get started as anything is possible. Baker was surprised by where his podcast show led him. He says it far surpassed anything he thought it would be.

Baker shares his wisdom – LPO – Limits, Possibilities and Opportunities. The only thing holding you back is you. Realize that you can make a positive difference to others every day.

From homelessness to master networker and becoming a global coach

Edward Zia is one of the most positive, hard-working entrepreneurs I know. He never stops making videos, genuinely connecting with others and sharing his wisdom. Zia is a Marketing Mentor and Master Coach who has an ever-expanding marketing meet-up group in Sydney and Melbourne. Zia shares the 3 most important marketing tips and tools for entrepreneurs, the importance of sharing the transformation you offer to clients along with a daily action plan. Zia also discusses how he moved from homelessness to mega successful marketing coach blessed with a loving family and thriving business. He explains how his faith and people skills proved invaluable throughout his life and overcoming the challenges he faced.

Finding inner peace

Leo Richard shares with us the best way to manifest using his DREAMS analogy – Discovery, Redesign, Evaluation, Authenticity, Mastery and Spiritual Freedom. Richard says it’s time to reclaim our garden and remove the weeds of conflict, from our own backyards, that we have cultivated for centuries.

Richard explains how to shift your identity, energy based meditation and where most people get stuck in life, as well as how entrepreneurs can shift their mindset via pictures and programming to accelerate their success.

Becoming more powerful than your circumstances

Ron Maholtra is a talented man who believes your success is his business. Having been featured in the media and published on ABC, Financial Review, CNN, Money Magazine Financial Observer, IFA (Independent Financial Adviser), Investing Daily, Fox News, Wallstreet Select and Small Business Trendsetters. Maholtra’s mission in life is to enable others to magnify their lives, to empower them to stretch, grow, perform and produce. Maholtra is well versed in mindset, leadership, spirituality and wealth principles. He understands first hand what is it like to poor and to be wealthy which is why is so passionate about helping others live their best life. In our interview, we discuss gold nuggets including:

  • Wealth is an energy.
  • Everything in the world is made of up matter and energy.
  • Your circumstances are matter which can hold you back. You can influence matter through energy.
  • Know that you are more powerful than your circumstances.
  • Your current results, reflect where your attention and energy has been.
  • Business is the best wealth creation vehicle in the world.

If you are keen to make changes in your life and business and shift your mindset, I highly recommend listening to this Zillionaire Superstars episode.

You are the architect of your destiny

‘Your relationship with your money is the product of the relationship with yourself’ – Ash Playsted

In 1997, Ash Playsted left the financial services industry forever. He likens the experience to being paroled from prison (making a prison break). Leaving the corporate world to become an entrepreneur. Playsted encountered major challenges, from having a $50K overdraft with bills to pay and no income or customers that kept him wide awake at night to numerous obstacles with starting a family. Playsted knows one thousand percent that happiness is a choice and it is an inside job. His coaching practice is focused on helping clients transform their business and their life from the inside out. As Playsted shares: ‘I encourage people to become the architect of their own destiny.’

Establishing a life of curiosity, joy and love

Jordan Paris is a 21 year old entrepreneur who takes action daily towards his lofty goals whilst still at school. Paris wrote a book in 29 days and has interviewed super famous guests for his Growth Mindset University podcast show. Paris believes all the good in his life has come from curiosity, joy, and love. It took reconnecting to who he was as a child to become who he was created to be. We discuss mindset shifts, health, tips for writing a book, podcast guests and advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. Paris believes a rich life is available for all if we reconnect to who we were as children. As Paris explains, “This light is inside all of us, so let’s turn the light back on”.

How to successfully create a business community

Alan Howle is one of the guys that you just cannot help but like. He beams with positivity and inspiration. Howle is candid in sharing his journey in business which lead to success. From leaving a corporate job he despised to creating his own business and overcoming challenges with business owners who wanted to take his funds for next to nothing in return to eventually finding the right mentor to help him navigate his way.

With over 12,000 on Linked In and a popular Facebook community, Howle knows a thing or two about bringing people together and helping them build their business using social media. To quote, Howle explains: ‘It’s no surprise social media is the future of building business’.

Overcoming a tough battle to inspiring others

One man whom truly understands fear and gratitude is Josh Perry. Fighting 4 x brain tumors at a young age is no easy feat. Perry whom loved BMX riding and turned Pro is an accomplished athlete. His courage and strength is a force to be reckoned with and it is his positive attitude that helped me through adversity. As Perry explains: ‘Fear is just a thought, thoughts can be changed’. Perry shares his passion for BMX riding, helping others through nutrition namely the ‘keto diet’, how he remains focused on his goals, book recommendation, the power of meditation and where his future lies. Perry inspires other to be the change they want to see in life. Perry is an exceptional inspiration to us all.

Scott Crabtree Founder & Chief Happiness Officer @ Happy Brain Science

Reading a book ‘How To Be Happy’ literally changed Scott Crabtree’s life. Choose happiness! is the sound advice from Scott Crabtree. It will make you more creative, resilient and more successful. More great news is that Crabtree tells us that exercise is just as effective as antidepressants for mild depression – no surprises here. From all of the research, Crabtree unearthed he worked out very quickly that he wanted to help others choose happiness. He explains: ‘If you want to learn something, you need to teach it’. So that is exactly what he did. By taking action towards something he so strongly believed in, he changed his life and those around him in the most positive of ways forever.

Shawn Brooks Founder and Digital Branding Expert of Shawn Brooks IIc

Shawn Brooks is a digital branding expert. Brooks believes that the power of creativity gives him the freedom to brand, design and photograph. In this podcast, Brooks shares his personal tragedy that transformed his life as a child, the twists and turns he took along the road to success. An amazing story of one man’s ability to forgive, the power of gratitude and finding strength in overcoming life’s challenges.

Ruby Lee Coach, Speaker & Podcaster at Own Your Hustle

Ruby Lee is a confident, vivacious entrepreneur with loads of passion and energy. Lee helps entrepreneurs turn their idea into freedom. She believes side hustlers are the future of work which is why she has made it her full-time gig by speaking to and mentoring hundreds of amazing individuals to dream bigger and build their businesses. In this episode, Ruby and I discuss mindset, success, having faith to crystals, journaling and finance.

Deepak Shukla – SEO Expert | Award Winning SEO Agency Pearl Lemon

Deepak Shukla started out in his career as a rapper with his own recording studios before moving to building an award winning SEO Agency. Shukla is the Managing Director of Pearl Lemon and has had an interesting entrepreneurial journey to say the least. Shukla shares his love of music, travel, mindset and being a successful entrepreneur. He encourages everyone to live, explore the world and live the life of your dreams!

Chris & Eric Martinez – Dynamic Training Podcast Hosts & Personal Trainer Mentors

Mark Lack, TV Host of Business Rockstars explains “Chris and Eric are the most sought-after fitness business coaches in the world.” Chris & Eric help fitness professionals build their online fitness coaching business and minds. They recommended to entrepreneurs that they turn your messes into your messages. Sharing their story about how their father passed away when they were young, facing obstacles in business, taking business to the next level by being focused, writing a book and sharing their thoughts on mindset and nutrition.

Alexis Harvey – Helping Coaches & Creatives Hit 5 Figures In Their Business

Alexis Harvey helps coaches and creatives hit 5 figures in their business. Harvey quickly realised by starting her own business that she had to master her relationship with money in order to be able to live her dreams. Listen to the podcast to learn more about Alexis’s entrepreneurial journey and the keys to success in mastering your money and mindset.

Tyler Wagner Founder of Authors Unite & Host of the Business Blast podcast

Tyler Wagner is the Founder of Authors Unite where he helps people write, publish, and market their first profitable book. Wagner has helped people create passive income, become thought leaders in their area of expertise, leverage businesses, and much more. To date, Wagner has helped over 250+ people become profitable, bestselling authors. Alongside the publishing business, Wagner has just completed his 1,000 podcast episode on his show – The Business Blast podcast.

Andrew Martin Energy Intuitive, Sound Healer & Spiritual Guide

Andrew Martin is a highly attuned Energy Intuitive, Sound Healer, and Spiritual Guide. Martin left the corporate world as a recruiter, 6 years ago to start his own business. Martin has a variety of programs and works with individuals and groups. He has a website, podcast show, and at one point a radio show called ‘A Life Untethered’.

Jacquie Hayes from Madam Wheels

Jacquie Hayes is the Founder of Madam Wheels, a resource for discerning women who love their luxury cars. Hayes has been a long-time lover of luxury cars and has written about cars for years. She founded Madam Wheels after a highly successful career as a Columnist with the The Australian Financial Review and The Australian. Hayes identified an imbalance between what women want and what they get in their car-buying experiences became apparent. Madam Wheels seeks to entertain, inform and keep women up-to-date with matters of interest in the high-end motoring world. Hayes also offers a bespoke private client advisory service to empower women to purchase luxury cars that perfectly match their lifestyles, personalities and sensibilities. In addition, there are exclusive events and ladies only drive days.

Leo Kanell Fundwise Capital USA

Leo Kanell is the founder of Fund-wise Capital and 7 Figures University. Kanell is also the Author of The Business Funding Formula. Kanell and his team at Fund-wise Capital have helped secure over $150 million in funding for clients in the US.

As a highly successful entrepreneur, Kanell earns $5 million from his businesses annually. His idea started out as a need to crack the funding code for his own businesses, which led to a passion to teach entrepreneurs to secure funding in order to turn their enterprising dreams into the truth.

Chris Widener Personal Development & Leadership Expert

Chris Widener was named a Top 50 Speaker in the World, is one of Inc. Magazine’s Top 100 Leadership Speakers and a NY Times & WSJ Best-Selling Author.
Widener is widely recognised as one of the world’s top leadership speakers and a NY Times Best-Selling Author. Widener has written 20 books to-date and has
spoken all over the world in places like Germany, Spain, Russia, China, Egypt, Singapore, Australia and of course, all over the United States and Canada.
For the last 7 years, Widener was a protege of Jim Rohn, one of the most successful speakers of the last 50 years, whom is also known for being Tony Robbins first mentor.

Michael Yardney Australia’s leading expert in wealth creation

Michael Yardney is one of the world’s leading experts on wealth creation and the psychology of success and the CEO of Metropole. With offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane the multi-award winning team at Metropole have bought, sold, financed, developed, advised, negotiated for and project managed more than $2 Billon worth of property transactions to create substantial wealth for their clients. Yardney writes a regular property column for Yahoo Finance, SmartCompany & Your Investment Property Magazine and is the author of 8 books five of which have become Amazon #1 best sellers. In this podcast, we discuss property investment, success, inspiration, mentors and mindset.

Peter Wargent CEO Next Level Wealth

Wargent is the CEO of Wargent Advisory and Co-Founder of AllenWargent Residential Property Buyers. In his professional career, Pete qualified as a Chartered Accountant in London, and was previously a Director at Deloitte. Wargent parked his career in accountancy and walks his talk having achieved financial independence at age 33. He has a daily blog and has written 5 books including Get a Financial Grip: a simple plan for financial freedom and The Wealth Way. To learn more go to:

Isiah McKimmie Couples Therapist, Sex Therapist, Sexologist + Coach

Isiah McKimmie is a Couples Therapist and Sexologist who has been helping couples discover meaningful connections, intimacy, a satisfying sex life and lasting desire for over a decade. McKimmie knows that our relationships and sex life are intrinsically connected, which is why she works holistically with clients. McKimmie’s reputation is second to none and she achieves exceptional results for clients by connecting with them in a compassionate, understanding and non-judgemental manner. To learn more go to: www.isiah-mkimmie.comInstagram Facebook – Private women’s group

Ly Anapu Founder of Zensual Woman

Ly Aunapu, is a Feminine Leadership Coach and founder of Zensual Woman. Aunapu will help us find the balance between hustle and flow. We live in a world where we bow down to a god of busyness, always on the go and planning the next thing ahead. We love talking about time management yet we forget that energy management is equally as important. Constant mindless hustling doesn’t lead us anywhere. It leaves us with a feeling of being stressed, overworked and undervalued. Women have forgotten how to use the authentic feminine power to their advantage. Ly will share energy management tools to get you to a place where you feel strong and powerful, capable of chasing your goals, and at the same time connected to your intuition and lead a more balanced life with confidence and self-trust. Aunapu spreads her message globally through live workshops, coaching women one-on-one, and by supporting her community via social media.

Daniel Murray Founder of Empathic Consulting

Daniel Murray of Empathic Consulting is a sought-after motivational Keynote Speaker and Business Consultant currently located in Sydney, Australia. Through his experience working with the biggest companies in Australia and New Zealand, he has seen firsthand that building empathy is vital for future strategic competitive advantage. With a background in mathematics and strategy, and a passion for understanding emotions and charities, he is able to blend diverse concepts to create groundbreaking ideas. This curiosity has powered years of research leading to Murray becoming an expert in empathy, leadership, strategy and emotional intelligence.

Barbara Huson The Leading Authority on Women, Wealth & Power

Barbara Huson is a Wealth Coach-Financial Therapist & Bestselling Financial Author. Huson’s mission in life is to revolutionize women’s relationship with money and power. Huson grew up relying on her father who was the founder of H&R Block. Huson married a man that managed their money which led to a devastating financial crisis which became a serious wake-up call. Huson’s journey to financial independence was about far more than money. It was a rite of passage of stepping into her power which is what Huson teaches other women to do. Huson’s purpose in life is to share what she has learnt with the world of women who struggle with taking charge of their finances and their lives. What I write about and teach is not really about money, it’s about confidence and using your power.

Valeria Sizova Model, Dancer & Personal Trainer

Valeria Sizova was very active as a child and had a positive mindset to match. Her disciplined approach to life at an early age forms the foundation that helped her to reach success. Sizova overcame significant health issues to go on and become a dancer, singer, model and Master Personal Trainer with the Australian Institute of Fitness. Recently, Valeria Sizova was recently crowned Miss Russia Australia for 2017 and is due to open a dance school for women and children later this year. Sizova shares her mindset tips along with lifestyle strategies to help you achieve phenomenal success. For further information email for dance classes enquiries, Personal Training sessions and to book shows: To follow Valeria go to: Instragram: Facebook:

Frederick Entenmann Bestselling Author, Consultant & Coach

Frederick Entenmann is a Mind, Body, Life specialist for athletes, Best-Selling Author, and Speaker. A former Division I and professional basketball player, Entenmann is a dedicated mentor, guru, and coach for professional and amateur athletes. Focusing on facilitating sports and life goals, he specializes in helping discover innate strengths and assists in planning for a successful post-athletic career. Entenmann is known for his rare athletic feats of dunking from the free throw line at fourteen years old, bench pressing 450 pounds, squatting 600 pounds, and deadlifting 690 pounds at age twenty-two; as well as running a sub-four-minute mile at thirty-six years old. Entenmann’s best-selling debut book “Surviving Sports and the Game of Life: Your Holistic Guide to Achieving World-Class Results” is now Barnes and Noble and is an Amazon Bestseller.

Roy Huff Best-selling Author, Scientist & Teacher

Roy Huff is a Research Scientist, Author, and Teacher who has five degrees in four different disciplines spanning liberal arts, history, education, and geoscience. Huff is an optimist who overcame the hardship of a family plagued by severe poverty and mental illness. At age 17, he moved to Hawaii with $100 in his pocket to start a new life. Huff weathered the eye of Hurricane Hugo at the age of 12, went skydiving, and marathon running however still has big dreams to one day climb Mt. Everest, circumnavigating the globe, and traveling into space. He has worked on projects such as forecasting volcanic emissions from the Kilauea Volcano and training on geostationary satellites for NASA’s GOES-R Proving Ground. At age 34, Huff made a move into creative writing when he began writing a creative paper for an English class whilst working concurrently on his fourth and fifth degrees. That paper later became the first chapter of his first book, which grew to be an Amazon number-one international epic-fantasy bestseller. Subsequent books in the Everville series have also gone on to become bestsellers.

Ryan Stewman Sales & Marketing Expert Hardcore Closer

Ryan Stewman also known as the Hardcore Closer. Ryan went from prison cell to penthouse. His website the Hardcore Closer is an online learning platform for modern salespeople. Ryan shares his trials and tribulations in life, and mindset strategies. He also shares with us his love of cars, something we both have in common.

Jeremy Liddle Co-Founder of Capital Pitch

Jeremy Liddle believes entrepreneurial thinking can change the world. He is a speaker, global thought leader and author specialising in the art of ‘Entrepreneurial Thinking’. Liddle is a TEDx speaker and has keynoted globally for G20YEA on the art of entrepreneurial thinking and leadership at international economic forums such as the Junior Chamber International (JCI) global partnerships summit in NYC and The Commonwealth Asian Alliance of Young Entrepreneurs (CAAYE) summit in Sri Lanka. Liddle speaks at United Nations expert group meetings on youth and entrepreneurship. In 2011, Liddle won “The Australia’s Top Young Entrepreneur” and was featured in the Shoestring Media 2012 Young & Influential list. Liddle shares his story and the 6 biggest mistakes start up companies make when raising money. Go to

Melissa Ambrosini Best Selling Author & Host of The Melissa Ambrosini Show

Melissa Ambrosini is a wildly successful entrepreneur and a major inspiration to many entrepreneurs around the world. I had the pleasure of meeting Melissa in person and she is seriously one big bundle of love, beautiful both inside and out. When you see her, you can’t help to smile. Ambrosini is the bestselling author of Mastering Your Mean Girl (A must read for women everywhere), host of ‘The Melissa Ambrosini Show’ podcast, a motivational speaker, an entrepreneur and self-love teacher. Named a ‘self-help guru’ by Elle Magazine, her message — that love is sexy, healthy is liberating, and wealthy isn’t a dirty word — has inspired women across the globe to activate their dreams and live life on their own terms. Ambrosini offers valuable advice for entrepreneurs wanting to succeed in business.

Bridgette Mayer Art dealer, Author & Entrepreneur

Bridgette Mayer founded one of Philadelphia’s preeminent contemporary galleries, Bridgette Mayer Gallery in 2001. The Gallery has earned a national reputation for finding and cultivating American abstract artists over the last decade and today represents leading established and emerging artists. Bridgette shares her harrowing journey from a challenging home life with an alcoholic mother to becoming a mega-successful business owner and Author. Bridgette offers entrepreneurs solid advice about never giving up and the measures one will go to, to achieve their wildest dreams.

Mark Lack Founder of Shorten the Gap & Business Rockstars

Mark Lack is a 25 year old highly successful entrepreneur, founder of Shorten the Gap, Author, and hosts the wildly successful Business Rockstars. Lack has been interviewed on hundreds of podcasts, radio shows, YouTube channels, Television and magazines around the world syndicated in over 140 countries. He’s shared the stage and interviewed some of the biggest names in the world – John Assaraf, Tony Robbins, Mark Cuban and Daymond John (from SharkTank), Deepak Chopra, Tai Lopez, Arianna Huffington, Gary Vaynerchuk and Grant Cardone to name only a few. Check out the article on

Dr. John Demartini Human Behavioural Specialist

Dr John Demartini is considered one of the world’s leading authorities on human behavior and personal development. He is the founder of the Demartini Institute, a private research and education organization with a curriculum of over 72 different courses covering multiple aspects of human development. I have had the pleasure of meeting Demartini several times, once in his hometown Houston and in Sydney to interview him.

To watch our interview, check out Angelina Zimmerman Youtube video:

Kelly Roach Business Growth Coach

Kelly Roach is a Million Dollar Mogul who consults with entrepreneurs and corporate organizations to 10x their income, impact and lifestyle. Today, she shares the four steps to designing a business based on freedom, which starts with your mindset.

Visit Angelina Zimmerman to read the article:

Aaron Sansoni Best Selling Author, International Speaker & Investor

Aaron Sansoni is a Sales Authority, Business Mentor, Speaker and an Author. Sansoni was recently nominated for Entrepreneur of the Year. He grew up in an underprivileged broken home in the outer suburbs in Melbourne, Australia. He was one of seven children cramped under the same roof. By age 23, he had amassed over a decade of sales experience, knowledge and training and opened his first consulting firm with the goal of helping business owners and entrepreneurs across the world realise their full potential. Sansoni has shared the stage with business icons such as Richard Branson and has impacted over two million people in 14 countries.
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Cole Hatter Creator of Thrive, Investor & Entrepreneur

Cole Hatter is a millionaire entrepreneur and founder of Thrive. Thrive teaches entrepreneurs to dominate in business, use their influence and resources to generate a positive impact. The concept of ‘Thrive’ was derived from tough life lessons. Hatter turned two tragic accidents into a lifelong mission to help entrepreneurs thrive. He talks about hitting rock bottom and climbing his way back to the top. Hatter believes that: ‘Being rich financially is meaningless if you’re bankrupt emotionally, spiritually, in your relationships, and in your purpose’.

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Debra Tranter Founder of Oscars Law

Debra Tranter is an amazing woman who works around the clock to save our best friends – the beloved pet dog. Debra lives on purpose every single day and is the founder of — a lobby group whom works tirelessly to ban puppy farms in the state of Victoria. Oscars Law mission is to abolish the factory farming of companion animals in Australia, to ban the sale of animals from pet shops and online trading sites, and promote adoption through rescue groups, pounds and shelters. Listen to her story of the challenges she has encountered, her achievements and her valuable advice for entrepreneurs.

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Joel Brown Founder of Addicted2Success & Entrepreneur

Joel Brown is the founder of the phenomenal platform Addicted2Success. Brown knows all about freedom for his mission is helping entrepreneurs achieve success via inspirational audio, videos, and articles. Brown has interviewed hundreds of wildly successful individuals from all around the world. Speaking with individuals who have worked in Fortune 500 companies to the corporate world, philanthropists, millionaires, entrepreneurs, and extreme athletes.

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Caleb Maddix Entrepreneur & Motivational Speaker

Caleb Maddix is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker and the Founder of Kids4Success.Tv and Author of ‘Keys To Success For Kids’. He has been classified as one of the Top 20 motivational influencers and in the top 30 of entrepreneurs under 30.

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