Sustaining your energy is one of the ingredients for a successful business.

There are essential ingredients required to create a successful business. If you leave out one of the ingredients or fail to add in the right amount, it is likely to fail.

One could liken this process to baking a chocolate cake, if you leave out one of the ingredients or fail to add the right amount, the cake ends up in the garbage.

Many entrepreneurs starting out in business learn this the hard way, through trial and error. Let me share with you the ingredients for the successful business formula:

SB = (Energy + Momentum) x Cash flow x Strategies
  • Energy management sustains the business
  • Momentum generates sales and opportunities
  • Cash flow funds the operating costs and generates profit
  • Strategies combined with all of the above create a successful business

Let’s now look at one of the ingredients – energy management.

As entrepreneurs we are more susceptible to common ailments such as burn out, depression, stress, anxiety and fatigue, caused by the daily roller coaster of emotions we experience.

The universe responds to our energy. Therefore, if your energy is low for a long period of time, it adversely affects your business. This creates challenges in the form of financial, sales, clients, constant delays, lack of momentum, procrastination, and missed opportunities.

I want to share with you fourteen fun and practical ways to sustain your energy levels.

1. Daily power ritual

Create a daily ritual that powers you up and sets the tone for your day.

This is my daily 3-step ritual HHH:

1. Heart: gratitude

2. Health: exercise

3. Happiness: meditate

2. Dance and sing like a teenager

Having fun generates energy. Dancing and singing is one of the fastest ways to raise your vibration along with listening to music. This explains why I work at lightening speed when listening to music.

3. Exercise like a demon

Nothing gets the heart pumping faster than a great workout. Whether you lift 100kg weights, run on the beach, attend a yoga class or go for a surf. Exercise makes you feel exceptional and helps you choose healthier food options.

4. Get a boost

There is nothing like a strong, delicious cup of coffee and the best thing is the positive impact on your work, health, productivity levels and emotional state.

5. Double up

The average human body is 75% water with a small percentage of the population, consuming enough water on a daily basis. Copious amounts of coffee and tea or worse soft drink only serves to dehydrate you.

Doubling up on water, increases your energy levels, decreases hunger and improves your skin.

6. Unconditional love

In an interview, Warren Buffett said the best advice he received was from his father – the gift of unconditional love. He understands the power of unconditional love and so do I.

Sadly, for most humans, love comes with a set of conditions.

There is one place you are guaranteed to find unconditional love –  spending time with dogs. All they know is unconditional love, simply seeing their face as you walk in the door sends your vibrational levels soaring.

7. Cruise

This will only work, if you love to drive on the freeway otherwise it could raise your stress levels rather than make you feel on top of the world.

Cruising in a car symbolizes freedom to me so driving raises my vibration levels dramatically, combine that with music and you have a match made in heaven.

8. Share the love

Sometimes we are surrounded by people that love us yet we may not feel like we hear the words or feel it enough as daily life gets in the way.

By spontaneously telling someone you love them or giving them a big hug in a sincere way, it immediately fills the space with love.

9. Gift of giving

When you are feeling low, one of the best ways to turn it around is helping someone else, whether it is a stranger, your colleague or your best friend.

People sincerely appreciate others help without having to ask for it.

10. Inspiration

The best thing you do for your mind is douse yourself in positivity and inspiration by reading a good book, an inspiring article or magazine or listening to a phenomenal podcast. My favorite podcast is Young Entrepreneur Lifestyle by Peter Voogd.

11. Get lost

There is nothing better than getting lost. What do I mean by that?

Well, to be honest it is how I feel when I am writing, I am completely 100% in the zone. For you, it might mean going to an art gallery, museum, skydiving, horse riding or skiing. Getting lost means you are going with the flow of life and not resisting life.

12. Creator

Instead of being a consumer, turn your ideas to becoming a producer. Create new things, offer a class, create a new product or offer a new phenomenal service for your customers.

To quote from Ian Gilbert“Do things no one does or do things everyone does in a way no one does”.

13. Download

One of the simplest ways to increase your energy is by simply talking to others – organize a lunch, call your best friend, or socialize with colleagues after work.

14. Community

As most of our society is made up of consumers, this equates to the accumulation of unnecessary junk in homes and apartments.

Clean out your closet and the kitchen cupboard and donate your unwanted or unnecessary items to your favorite charity. It works both ways – you free up your space and your charity helps others with your generous donation.

Longevity and success in business requires sustaining your energy levels which dramatically improves your levels of positivity, productivity, emotional management, confidence, love and connection with others.




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