My name is Angelina Zimmerman yet everyone calls me Angie. I am the go-to mentor for entrepreneurs and those working in corporate organisations who are dissatisfied with life and want to achieve more. I work with clients who are super excited to level up their mindset, health and wealth and ready to create positive change today.

When I am not interviewing entrepreneurs for my Zillionaire Superstars podcast show, shifting mindsets via my coaching programs or training corporate clients, or writing articles you can find me at the gym, listening to music, meditating, exploring new experiences, new friends and constantly quenching my insatiable desire for knowledge.

I am an qualified Results Coach, NLP Practitioner, Corporate Trainer and  Writer as well as a qualified gym junkie, serious dog lover, book lover and a personal development enthusiast with over 40 professional qualifications.

I have had the incredible opportunity to interview many world-class entrepreneurs on mindset and have written countless articles on mindset for and Addicted2Success. The Zillionaire Superstars podcast show features interviews with entrepreneurs from the USA, Canada and Australia featuring: Tyler Wagner, Dr John Demartini, Chris & Eric Martinez, Alexis Harvey, Andrew Martin, Alan Howle,  Chris Widener, Michael Yardney, Melissa Ambrosini, Caleb Maddix, Pete Wargent, Barbara Huson, Aaron Sansoni, Mark Lack, Peter Voogd, Joel Brown, Kelly Roach, Daniel Murray, Jeremy Liddle and Debra Tranter to name a few.

Having spent time with many successful entrepreneurs, I have come to realise that an abundance mindset is the foundation on which success is built. If you want to build a strong foundation if you believe that being ordinary is unacceptable then we are destined to work together. I have an unstoppable zest for life and I want you to live life to the fullest too. The most rewarding part of my work, is the joy and fulfilment I have when my clients overcome their self-limiting beliefs and move a hundred miles an hour towards their dreams.

My clients have achieved incredible outcomes including: writing a song, appearing on tv, starting a business, moving to a new home, attaining their dream job/career, improving their confidence and health, learning to relax, shifting their self-limiting beliefs, implementing daily success rituals, moving out of their comfort zone, and gaining massive clarity both professionally and personally.

My passion and obsession has led to training and coaching thousands of individuals and employees across all levels within organisations and the techniques you learn in my programs are guaranteed to revolutionise every area of your life.

“Meeting & working with Angelina as my mindset coach has been one of the best things that happened to me. Within a few short months she has guided me to uncover so many eye opening facts about myself, my dreams, my path. Through our work together she has helped me clearly understand what makes me happy as well as helped define an achievable path to reach my dreams both personal & professional. Her upbeat, positive, & approachable personality makes it very easy to open up to deep meaningful conversations. She is a fantastic listener and I appreciate how she can quickly give tailored recommendations on whatever life subject we are discussing. My meetings with Angelina are the highlight of each week. Every time I leave energised and inspired to move forward with a positive mindset and keep pushing toward my dreams. Because of our work together I am 100 percent confident that I am set up for the best year yet”. – Allyson Wettengel ,CEO at The Spirit Bird Life

The only question is – Are you ready to make it happen?

Ask yourself are you super excited to:

  1. Take action to upgrade every aspect of your life
  2. Achieve a higher level of career and personal success
  3. Lift your performance using practical strategies
  4. Bust your self-limiting beliefs
  5. Gain a new found perspective
  6. Fully engage in a life-changing course
  7. Keen to learn and apply tactical strategies in the areas of mind, health, and wealth

If your answer is a resounding YES to the above, then you know that your time is now. There are no magic pills here. My role is to help you overcome mental obstacles and develop the mindset you need to live your life to the fullest. If you want to regain your enthusiasm and vitality for life, the journey starts by taking the first step. Get in contact today or simply enrol in one of my life-changing programs.

The best version of you is already inside of you, let me help you find it.

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