The nine daily measures you need to master your mindset.

Becoming a master at anything requires laser focus, awareness, and positive action daily. Mastering your mindset is no different.

If you don’t quite know where to start, you can use these nine daily steps to rapidly shift your mindset.

1. Check Your Fuel Level

Every day we are fueling our mind with positive or negative thoughts.

Check your fuel gauge to determine how much positivity vs negativity you are consuming.

What daily positive actions do you take?

Are you exercising to operate in a peak state, listening to educational or inspirational podcasts, watching motivational or funny videos, spending quality time with family and friends, and engaging in ‘real’ conversations.

2. Word Check

Become aware of the words you use in your daily life.

  • Notice the words you frequently use to describe the events in your life?
  • How often do you repeat the same statements?
  • Do you use empowering or disempowering language? I can, I am, I will vs I can’t, I won’t, I don’t know how.

3. Inspirational Crew

How would you describe the crew you associate with at work and at home.

Are you surrounding yourself with inspirational people, people that make you feel amazing and accept you for you or are you surrounding by toxic people who are constantly blaming, complaining and whining about their life and their circumstances.

A tell-tale sign is your energy levels – uplifting people give you more energy and toxic people drain it.

4. Check Your Speedometer

Time to check your speedometer just like when you are driving down the freeway in your favorite car with the music blaring.

Are you flying on the freeway, learning as much as possible and enjoying the present moment or are you consistently sitting at the red light with your foot on the brakes?

This relates to your state of mind. Notice the head space you are in at the moment.

  1. An open mind (abundance mindset) believes in the unlimited possibilities, countless opportunities and abundance in this world? Or
  2. lack mindset means you have shut down your mind. This means you have adopted a ‘lack mentality, believing there is not being enough of anything in this world from work, clients, wealth, friends, or partners in life?

Ask yourself: Are you living and learning every day, growing on a massive scale, changing the way you do things, and keeping an open mind or have you closed the door shut, remaining stagnant and resistant to making changes.

5. Level Up

In order to level up you need to be able to manage your emotions.

The best way to do this is to take the time to meditate daily. When you meditate it allows you to act in a calm manner, improves your decision-making, and makes you feel more relaxed and able to go with the flow in life.

When you are unable to manage your emotions you will find that you easily fly into a rage, constantly fight with others and unable to resolve conflicts with ease.

6. Become A Film Star

We are the director and the film star of our own lives.

What life are you consciously creating, does it excite you to jump out of bed every day. You can choose to rewrite the script at anytime.

Are you driving towards your dreams or driving away from them?

You can choose to change the script, the first step is awareness:
  1. What life do you want to live?
  2. What changes do you need to make?

7. Keep Shining Bright

When your light is shining bright, people and new experiences rush to join your party, helping you achieve your dreams, drinking champagne, laughing, dancing and living life to the full.

When you are feeling low and unhappy, people and experiences leave your life faster than a party that has run out of champagne.

High levels of happiness and abundance of energy creates momentum and brings a rush of fabulous experiences, interesting people and life-changing opportunities.

8. Be An Explorer

Those who choose to be an explorer in life, take positive action, inspire others, share new ideas, consider the endless possibilities in life and view life in terms of abundance.

Those who observe life rather than explore can degenerate with all their gossiping, blaming and complaining.

9. Serve Future Generations

Those who have truly mastered their mindset know that their life’s mission is to help people and the planet for future generations.

They choose to actively make this world a significantly better place by taking courageous action and inspiring those around them to follow in their footsteps. They are the true leaders in this beautiful world.

When you master your mindset, you become a valuable contributor for future generations as your view of the world changes when you retain an open mind and explore the magic of life.



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