Emulate the patterns of exuberant entrepreneurs to change your results in life.

Mark A.Lack is an entrepreneur, speaker, peak performance coach & author of ‘Shorten The Gap – Shortcuts to Success and Happiness’. He has achieved phenomenal levels of success by changing his patterns to model those exuberant and erudite entrepreneurs who are in the top 1 percent of their industry.

Modeling is imitating the behavior of another. Mark is a testament to the fact that his world changed dramatically when he started modeling stellar entrepreneurs.

The first game changer is to shift your mindset. This means releasing your attachment to security and safety for which the masses are addicted and learning to embrace uncertainty. In other words, stop existing and start advancing in life.

The Triad

The first pattern Mark modeled involved a significant change to his business strategy. He ceased working with rabbits (individuals / small to medium companies) and started working with elephants (large organizations).

Consequently, this lead to a greater focus on fewer clientele thereby delivering massive value. This arrangement leveraged Mark’s time, investment, energy and elevated his financial capacity. The earning capacity of any individual is reliant upon the amount of value being provided.

To perform at an elite level, one must be able to model successful entrepreneurs, shift their existing patterns and operate from an energized state.

The following patterns are also known as ‘The Triad’ made famous by the one and only Anthony Robbins:

1. Physiology

Physiology refers to the movement of the body. Our body movements and breathing patterns directly impacts our energy levels and emotions.

Notice how you stand, sit, and move throughout the day.

Our physiology is the difference between performing in a somber state vs energized state. If you want more evidence take a look at the famous Ted Talk by Amy Cuddy – Our Body Language Shapes Who We Are.

2. Language

Language is a method of communication that is written or spoken. Every single word  has power therefore it is crucial we choose them wisely. The words you use affect your emotional state and therefore your results.

Our thoughts from the brain create our emotions within our body which equates to our state of being. Everything in our life is neutral until we label it. Therefore, the way we view the world forms our experience.

This is why two people can be in the same business meeting and have very different experiences of the same meeting. Likewise, if you grew up with siblings. The way you recall an event in your life, may be remarkably different to your sibling’s recollection of the event.

3. Focus

Notice where your attention goes. What are you laser focused on:

For example: If you constantly tell yourself you are not good at something and say:      ‘I can’t, I am terrible at sales and building relationships with new people’.  Conversely, learn to shift your focus by saying: ‘I am a master of sales and building relationships’.

Five percent of what we do each day is conscious with the remaining ninety five percent unconscious. Basically, we are operating based on years of routine or repeated patterns of behaviour. This is why it can be challenging for people to change.

To summarise, every result we achieve in life is related to the patterns we consistently use. Whether you want to lose weight, exceed your sales target, run a marathon, find true love, invest in real estate or learn the art of trading.

The bottom line is to rapidly change your results, assess your existing patterns then make the necessary changes based on emulation of the patterns of successful entrepreneurs.

As Ryan Serhant from Million Dollar Listing New York says: ‘Expansion. Always in all ways’.


This article was originally published on Inc.com