Life isn’t meant to be made up of expectations, should’s, have to’s and must’s.

Imagine how different your life would be if you replaced your disempowering language with empowering language.

What would your life be like without the constant should’s, have to’s, must’s, and expectations we place on ourselves?

We Have A Choice

Every single day we forget we have choices. Living life in survival mode can make us feel we have a gun to our head as we feel forced to carry out the mundane tasks that make up our part of our busy lives; shop for groceries, drive the children to school, go to work each day, pay our bills on time, get married, or buy a fancy car.

My favorite author, Dr Joe Dispenza says that in our late twenties to early thirties, we are living in one of two ways: ‘survival‘ or ‘expansion‘. Living in survival reduces how much we grow and learn.

Living life in this way conjures up words like: routine, boredom, responsibility, stress,  sleepless nights, and striving to live up to our people’s expectations of us.

Living An Offbeat Lifestyle

Survival mode is one thing yet living an offbeat lifestyle is quite another.

To classify as living an offbeat lifestyle, you have more than likely ‘failed‘ to meet every milestone set by society. Well, I am proud to say that I have either missed the boat entirely or been very late to the party for all of life’s ‘usual‘ milestones from getting my drivers license, dating, leaving home, buying my first car, my first job, career path to falling in love, marriage and having children.

Here are 7 wonderful reasons to be eternally grateful that you live a ‘offbeat‘ lifestyle.

1. ‘Troublemaker’ Is Your Nickname

I was never sure if this was a compliment or a criticism. Rest assured it is a compliment. Your the one that stands out from the crowd. People tune into your positive vibe the moment you walk in the room.

Another word they may use is ‘Free Spirit’, as you bound into a room smiling from ear to ear, talking to everyone you meet with energy to burn – that apparently sums up a ‘Troublemaker’.

2. Love Being ‘Different’

Embrace your differences and get comfortable answering those awkward questions from family, friends, and even strangers whom enquire into your love life, if you want children in the future and your career aspirations.

Sure, you will be treated like a social ‘leper‘ from time to time with some couples keeping their distance as you don’t have a partner to help make them feel ‘secure’.  Be prepared for the fact that very few will understand your responses let alone your lifestyle choices.

3. ‘Traditional’ Is Non-Existent

One job for twenty or thirty years would never work for you.

career to you means more than most, often it is responsible for a large proportion of your life that brings you great happiness.

To feel fulfilled, it is important that you reach your full potential, be insanely creative, constantly challenged, experience variety, fun, and freedom, share new ideas and be given the unique opportunity to grow exponentially, do and be more. There is no way that any job description can bring the fulfillment you so crave.

4. Change Is Your Middle Name

Change encompasses every area of your life; career, hobbies, style, wealth, friends, and lifestyle.

Your close friends disappear one by one. They fall in love, get married, and you never see them again as the furniture truck drives away with their dog, children and furniture to live a million miles from you.

Thankfully, by this stage you have already fallen in love with never-ending change.

5. Freedom Pumps Through Your Veins

The minute you feel like someone is boxing you in, your natural instinct is to run for the door. Unable to breathe, your mind is racing, blood pumping faster every second, as you swiftly move into flight mode once you notice the obvious signs.

Freedom provides you with variety, ideas, new people, experiences, growth and challenges galore. People may even believe you have ADHD for you have trouble sitting still.

Relish the freedom you experience with limited responsibilities, the ability to travel at a moment’s notice, date anyone you wish or choose to move house or countries for that matter.

6. Appreciation

We often believe the grass is greener on the other side from time to time.

Tell that to people with five children, struggling to pay the mortgage, sacrificing every part of their life to support their family by working in jobs they hate, and fighting every day to keep their relationship from falling apart.

Life is never what it seems. You never know what is really going on for people behind closed doors. 

Thank your lucky stars you don’t have to leave work early to pick up your children or use your leave to care for your sick child or be worried whilst on paternity/maternity leave that you receive a text message saying that your fired from the job you once loved.

Consider for a moment how ‘lucky’ you are to have one hour to yourself, that most parents would literally ‘kill’ for. The serenity to hear your own thoughts and understand yourself.

7. Tribe

Spending time with your true friends – the ones that you can count on. Who appreciate and support you and don’t think you are crazy for living the way that you do.

Love who you are and choose to live the life you want. Life is too short to spend it living up to other’s expectations. Doing so leaves you with a life full of regrets and unhappiness.

Why waste a precious moment, decide what you truly want for your life.


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