Entrepreneurs at the top of their game, like Sophia Amoruso, Jack Dorsey, Russell Simmons, and Marie Forleo, share these traits.

Surprisingly, compared to many wealthier nations, businesses classified as start-ups and small businesses play a relatively minor role in the US economy.

Whilst the United States is known as the venture capital of the world, it is still jam packed with many successful, talented entrepreneurs. Throughout the world, there are over 400 million entrepreneurs, all of whom share similar traits.

Think Sophia Amoruso, Jack Dorsey, Russell Simmons and Marie Forleo. Here are 7 key entrepreneurial traits of mega successful entrepreneurs.

1. Growth Mindset

Dreaming big is a pre-requisite for an entrepreneur, you won’t survive the journey unless you can.

For those who have made it to the top, they know that there is only way to think as an entrepreneur. Mega-successful entrepreneurs possess a ‘growth mindset‘. In true growth mindset style, Jack Dorsey says:

‘If we can perfect one experience for one individual, we can scale to every single one of the seven billion people now inhabiting this earth’ .

2. Inspire Without Words

Wise words from a woman who certainly knows how to inspire millions, the incredibly talented Marie Forleo: ‘My motivation comes from a desire to make a difference in the quality of people’s lives’.

Entrepreneurs like Marie Forleo are able to inspire millions of people through media and live events. Even without uttering a word, their success speaks volumes which inspires others to live a life they love by choosing to follow in their footsteps.

3. The Ultimate Way To Live

One of the main reasons, entrepreneurs delve into the entrepreneurial world is to experience the ultimate lifestyle of all – complete freedom from the litany of bad bosses, dull conversations, outdated processes, beaucratic companies, and the insanity of following a unfulfilling daily routine.

Nothing comes close to the excitement and freedom of creating your own reality every day by being your own boss, earning your own income and positively impacting people’s lives.

4. Forever Fighting

A classic quote by Russell Simmons explains it all:

‘Be encouraged. Stay on your hustle. You can’t fail until you quit’.

These entrepreneurs won’t give up under any circumstances. It is literally ‘do or die’ no matter how challenging the circumstances. From late nights, no income, sleepless nights, and never ending challenges. They know what they want, where they want to go and are prepared to bull doze any one that get’s in their path.

5. Magically Magnetic

Feel the energy in the air. It is intoxicating and impalpable like a hot sun hitting your bare skin on a bright summer’s day.

Magically magnetic by nature which attracts a crowd in an instant. When you talk to them you feel like the only person in the room. Your heart skips a beat, you feel lighter, brighter and more alive.

6. Tiger-Like Strength & Impermeable Mindset

Those at the top of their game, are physically strong and mentally indestructible.

They have a bullet-proof growth mindset and treat their health like their business. A growth mindset helps you to stay focused on the long-game over instant satisfaction and short-term success.

To win in business, you have to aim for the top and that is exactly how they view their health goals. Taking time out of their busy schedule to work-out every day helps them perform at the highest level and gives them unparalleled energy to burn.

7. Danger Excites

Mega successful entrepreneurs know that if you do not take risks, you won’t get very far in business. The danger is scintillating.

Being a risk taker means they can take advantage of situations and are one step ahead all the time. Searching for the next opportunity and investing wisely.

Fearless about making mistakes as they know it is all learning and maybe the lesson that helps them springboard to the next ‘big thing’. To attest this point, Sophia Amoruso explains:

‘There are hidden opportunities hidden inside every failure’.

To hit the big time, you have to be prepare for the journey ahead like a soldier headed to war. You have to want it more than you have wanted anything in your life, be prepared for the critics and the setbacks.

The freedom you experience, the people you meet and help along the way will be worth every ounce of sweat, pain, tears, trials and tribulations and the best part is you get to eat the cherry of the top of your cupcake for success from playing the game of life your way won’t ever taste better than that.


This article was originally published on Inc.com