In order to create the life you want, you need to know exactly what you want.

Here are the 8 steps you can take to create the life you want:

1.Take Responsibility

Take 100% responsibility for your life, stop making excuses and complaining, blaming others or waiting for something to change. Move from victim to moving over to the driver’s seat. Taking responsibility means to stop reacting and start creating the life you want.

2. Become Crystal Clear

The only way you can create your life is to become crystal clear on exactly what you want in every area of your life i.e career, family and friends, health and fitness, finances, spiritual, and hobbies. Write a list of the outcomes you want to achieve in every area of your life.

3. Invest In You

You are powerful and magical!

Believe in yourself and your abilities, and when you do others will value you more and see you in the same way. Know that you have the ability to do whatever you heart desires. Give yourself plenty of self-care, use positive affirmations, watch your self-talk – be sweet and loving like you would to your partner or best friend and learn to be your own best friend.

4. Live With Purpose & Passion

This combination is fireworks!

Amazing opportunities and people will come your way when you live with purpose and passion. Love what you do as it is so contagious! Think about those whom live with purpose and passion? What do they differently? How do they act? How do they present themselves? Learn from those around you and believe you can create a  completely different life to what you have now.

5. Be An Inverse Paranoid

We attract into our life, what we expect and expectation is a very attractive force.

Have positive expectations, believe the world will support you no matter what circumstance you find yourself in and bring you loads of success, resources and opportunities. Our thoughts are so powerful that they produce the same mental instructions as our actions.

6. The Power Of Visualisation

Visualisation is a very powerful process used by peak performers and the super-rich.

Visualisation trains the brain for our performance hence the mind-body connection. Research has proven that brain imagery activates the neurons in our brains. Neurons are electrically charged cells that transmit information and interpret imagery. However, the brain does not know the difference between real-life and our imagination. Therefore, when we visualise our dreams and strongly engage all your senses especially the emotions associated with those dreams, the brain generates an impulse informing the neurons to ‘perform’ that scenario.

7. Define Your Ideal Self

How does your ideal self compare to your real self? Your ideal self is being the best you can be. Make a list of your current traits vs your ideal self? Identify the gap between the two and write down the steps you can take to become your ideal self.

Think about how you would look, what your day would entail, the friends you would spend time with, the clothes you would wear, the actions you would take, and the hobbies you would engage in.

8. Write Your Future

What I love about life, is that everything can change in an instant. It is absolutely amazing when it does.

I want you to take time now to imagine how every area of your life would be in a year from now. Write a letter to your best friend of what it would look like from travel, achievements, family and personal changes, where you would live, career opportunities and new experiences.

Create your life, by choosing to become the driver rather than the victim. Be the Director of your life, write your own script and become your best self to live the life you dream of.