Your life purpose is the incredible gift we share with others. It is a daily expression of who you are and it is what makes you feel alive.

1. Choose to do something different

It is so easy to remain on the treadmill, remain stuck in a rut and on a cycle of rinse and repeat. In order for things to change and to get you off the treadmill, the key is to do something completely different. From going to a new cafe to buy a coffee, inviting a stranger out for a drink, travel to an unusual destination, date a different type of person from your ‘usual’ type, enrol in a new course or find a new hobby.

2Choose to live in the NOW

Many of us are carrying around heavy luggage day-in and day-out. We continually think about the past; all of the people whom are no longer in our life, incredible experiences, significant resources we had access to and memories of good times fill our lives and remove us from enjoying the now. Anything we perceive as a ‘loss’ in our life was simply a lesson to learn and a blessing to receive. It is helping us to learn, grow and change our lives for the better.

Living in the now brings our attention to fully experience life, develop meaningful relationships, and produce incredible work and new opportunities. By spending too much time in the past and the future, it discards our enjoyment in the present moment.

3. Find meaning in your life

What makes your life meaningful? What gets you jumping out of bed every day? Your family and friends, to do purposeful work with clients, serve the community, build an empire and a legacy, or to travel and serve millions of people globally. Determine what gives you meaning.

4. Regularly practice gratitude

The art of practicing gratitude fills your heart with so much love and helps you to seriously appreciate the amazing life you currently have. Of course, we all want more, to dream big, do, be and give more. What helps you do that, is remaining humble and being super grateful for all the blessings you have right now from the stars in the sky, the sun that shines bright, the dogs you pat on the street and that make you smile ear to ear and brighten your day to your daily coffee and a good night’s sleep.

5. Demonstrate love to those closest to you

It is so easy to take those we love for granted and show a lack of appreciation. Find a way to demonstrate more love regularly to those you love. Leave cute post-it note messages around the house, send a funny text, organise a delivery of beautiful flowers, chocolates or champagne or simply cook dinner and enjoy quality time together. The more love you shower on those closest to you, the more beautiful your relationship becomes. Remember, we are not here forever, yet we do have right now.

6. Schedule ‘me’ time

Many of us are guilty of not scheduling ‘me’ time. Some of us are too busy focusing on others, feel guilty for taking time out or simply believing you have no time. The more you look after yourself, the more you can give to others. Book in for a massage, manicure or pedicure, read a book, stay in for the night, organise a fun weekend with friends or book a trip overseas.

7. Regularly set challenging goals

The key to goal setting is you know you have set the right goal if it makes you heart go crazy, you jump off your chair with excitement or scream with enthusiasm. Challenging goals help you to achieve what you want from your personal and career life much faster than having those thoughts going around and around in your head.

8. Do more of what makes you happy

It is so easy to get into boring, serious, treadmill adult mode. When you do more of the things that make you happy, you receive an overload of positive energy, thoughts and people come flooding in. For that reason alone, it is imperative you go out have fun and a good laugh. Find what makes your heart sing!

9. Make a difference

  • What do you want to do before you die?
  • How can you make a bigger impact on the world than you are currently?

I believe one person can have a massive impact on the world and I encourage you to use your gifts, purpose, passion and wisdom to the same.