Joel Brown shares the dominant pattern amongst successful individuals to help you create a life of freedom.

Freedom is my favorite word in the English language.

Joel Brown is the founder of the phenomenal platform Addicted2Success. Brown knows all about freedom for his mission is helping entrepreneurs achieve success via inspirational audio, videos, and articles.

Brown has interviewed hundreds of wildly successful individuals from all around the world. Speaking with individuals who have worked in Fortune 500 companies to the corporate world, philanthropists, millionaires, entrepreneurs, and extreme athletes.

Resultant of years spent interviewing these highly success individuals, Brown noticed a dominant pattern emerging. People may describe it differently yet the premise is the same.

According to Brown, the dominant pattern lies within these three key foundations:

1. Beliefs 

They have a immense belief in themselves, their ideas and their business.

They have an unwavering belief in their potential and their ability to bring their dreams to life along with wholeheartedly believing they truly deserve success.

Once you start setting the bar sky-high, over time it becomes the expected standard for you. This is when you start playing a bigger game.

When Brown first left the music industry working with world-famous music artists to become an entrepreneur, everyone thought he was crazy. Yet, Brown had an undying belief he would be successful as an entrepreneur.

2. Habits

In business and life, they adopt these four million dollar habits on a daily basis:

1. Hand written vision and goals

2. Gratitude

3. Meditation 

4. Networking

Successful entrepreneurs are not afraid to ask for help. They understand business is a team sport and ask people to help them make their dreams a reality.

3. Emotional Fitness

Emotional fitness refers to the skills one requires to achieve their goals. They are two ways to create emotional fitness by modeling other success people in your industry and/or choosing to build your dream team.

Five Freedom Game-Changers

Brown suggests that these five freedom game-changers are attributed to shifting your mindset in order to play a long game by building a successful and sustainable business.

1. Expand Your Awareness

To play a bigger game you need to expand your awareness.

This involves creating as many new reference points in your mind as possible.

When we fully immerse ourselves in the adventure’s life has to offer a entirely different world opens up for us.

It offers us new insights, ideas and expands our awareness like a new born baby opening it’s eyes for the very first time or traveling to space on the Virgin Galactic.

When you expand your awareness, the world looks different and suddenly you notice the endless possibilities for your life.

Realizing you have the power to create exceptional value, engage in mind-blowing experiences whilst crafting memorable moments that stay in your heart forever to ultimately design a life based on the freedom you so desperately crave.

2. Visualize

Every day visualize yourself at the top of your game – see yourself making great decisions, meeting superstars, excelling as a leader, generating massive deals, and attracting major talent.

Make your vision a reality by bringing it to life in your mind, feel it in your heart, and believe that you have already achieved it.

Visualization prepares your mind and body for what’s to come by creating the mind-body connection. 

3. Invest In Your Number One Asset

Your number one asset is You.

Invest in your personal development as your business grows to the extent you do. Learn to put yourself on the line every single day. Happiness resides in progress.

4. Your New Best Friend

Experienced entrepreneurs know that your best friend’s is ‘being uncomfortable’.

When you do, you experience massive growth that you never knew existed and it becomes part of your life.

“Being uncomfortable is the adrenalin kick of being an entrepreneur”. – Joel Brown.

5. Shine On Stage

Leaders have the willingness to shine on stage.

When asked to define a leader, Brown replied: “Leaders are the ultimate form of inspiration. To show others your vision and your dreams through action”.

Life as Brown knew it shifted dramatically when he made a commitment to himself – To live life as his true self and learnt how to be happy with doing so.

The turning point for Brown came down to this pivotal moment:

“I made the decision that I am going to vulnerable not just as an entrepreneur but as a human being. By opening up to the world and giving the world myself and not being afraid of being me even when I thought I needed to be like someone else. I stopped putting people on pedestals and started looking for the greatness that lies within me that also lies within them”.

Sage advice, now it is up to you to make your dreams a reality.

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