According to the Oxford Dictionary, a chimera is a thing which is hoped for but is illusory or impossible to achieve. I have to say in this instance, I am so thankful it was a chimera. Let me share what I am talking about. From 2012 to 2014, I went from elation to depression in what felt like the blink of eye. You know when something is not right for you especially when it comes to relationships. I lost myself and retreated from life, far from my living my best life.

According to Susan C. Young: “Love is the universal language that transcends countries, borders, barriers, and differences.” Most people can relate to, understand, and have experienced on some level what it is to be loved. I definitely can relate, understand and have experienced love however in a relationship sense I would completely disagree. There may have been fleeting moments however not over the long-term.

I truly believe we all have our own journey and life offers us many blessings and lessons along the way. To attest that point, as Donna Goddard, Author explains: “Every relationship is a love-lesson.” In 2014, once the relationship ended, the floodgates opened and I wrote over 63 love poems. I couldn’t stop, I walked for miles and ended up typing poems into my phone and I woke in the middle of the night with awesome ideas for new poems. It was incredible, I had never experienced anything like it. It was my blessing from a situation I did not need, a place I did not belong, and one that kept me in the depths of despair.

Looking back upon situations is when the clarity begins, and you are able to find the blessings from the situation. I flourished from that moment on, having wrote my song, I spoke to several amazing producers and started singing lessons with phenomenal teachers. The process alone was life-changing. I was having the time of my life which led to meeting awesome, talented people and singing my own song at a Karaoke / nightclub in Kings Cross. One of the highlights of my entire life, I do not sing in front of anyone, so it was a massive deal. Thankfully, for me I had a gracious audience who were so kind and loving during and after my performance. My beautiful girlfriend was there to cheer me on, it was a moment I will never forget.

After my performance, I thought about whom would be the best singer to perform my song and I immediately thought of Delta Goodrem. Delta has been through many break ups and experienced pain in both heath and relationships, so I believed she would be the perfect artist to perform my song. In 2014, I contacted Delta’s publicist and sent her the lyrics and a copy of the recording my friend’s daughter made for me. Although the song was never professionally recorded, knowing that my friend’s daughter loved it so much to sing it, made me feel elated.

Moreover, relationships don’t always work out yet if you can find the blessings and lessons in love, your life will come full circle until you meet the person you are supposed to be with. Either that, or follow a similar path to Diane Keaton, Oprah Winfrey or Hugh Grant whom have never married. Now, isn’t that the wonderful thing about life, you never know how it will turn out.

Lessons In Love