Jon Sermon grew up in Camberley, a town in Surrey, United Kingdom. He was the youngest of four siblings. He fondly recalls his mother and father having amazing dinner parties at home. He has fond memories of those dinner parties and no doubt they had a lasting impression on Sermon particularly in terms of building long-term relationships. Today, relationships are the key to his success both professionally and personally.

From the first moment I met Sermon I knew he was a dynamo. He was charming, funny, and down-to-earth. Most importantly, he is a great listener and made you feel like you are the only person in the room when you are talking. Time disappears as he shares funny stories and makes introductions so seamless. Today, Sermon lives every day of his life to the fullest with three thriving businesses, travelling for work and holidays, and he is an avid foodie who visits the best restaurants and knows how to select a perfect wine. His Instagram posts are a dream for foodies.

As of August 2021, Sermon secured the role of Partnerships and Alliances Manager with Your Empire Buyers Agent in Sydney. He is also the Co-founder / Director of BIO Australia a networking company running for the past 4 years which started in Sydney and has now expanded to Queensland and Melbourne. Lastly, Sermon is the co-host of the fabulous podcast show titled ‘Lifestyle Pirates’. Sermon and his co-host Adriano Giorgi interview incredible entrepreneurs and business owners and share their story on their podcast and YouTube channel.

Sermon followed in his father’s footsteps entering the world of sales early in his career. He completed a marketing management degree and fell into the world of foreign currency exchange working as a broker. He has always had a natural affinity for entrepreneurialism and a passion for music. At a young age, Sermon started his own business, working and travelling to places like Ibiza to work as a DJ and working with Ministry of Sound. During this period of his life, he also had the great idea to start a t-shirt business for DJs to wear at events. A great idea, yet the execution was appalling. This failure led to a two key business lessons:

  1. Stick to what you know.
  2. Don’t be afraid to work with others who have strengths you don’t possess.

In 2021, Sermon received a wonderful opportunity to work in the world of real estate with the flamboyant owner of Your Empire Buyers Agent in Sydney, Chris Gray. Sermon met Gray in 2013 however it wasn’t until many years later when Sermon became a client which led to meeting up on a regular basis. They got along famously, and Gray offered Sermon an opportunity to work with his company. Sermon was excited by the opportunity as he was looking for a change from the foreign currency exchange industry.

Sermon’s passions in life are the foundational components of his business and the key to his incredible success. The key foundational components are:

  1. Help connect others for social and business purposes.
  2. Look for an opportunity to give back to others.
  3. Ensure good people are connected with other good people.
  4. Focus on building long-term relationships rather than transactional.
  5. Utilise a subscription model that adds value to build your business.

Resultant of Sermon combining his passions and strengths and genuinely wanting to help others, he naturally attracts ongoing opportunities into his life which elevates his ongoing success. He lives every moment of each day of his life and encourages others to do the same.

Sermon has surrounded himself with wonderful people and focuses on building a life of memorable moments and phenomenal experiences. As this quote attests:

“Life itself is a privilege, but to live life to the fullest –  well, that is a choice.” Andy Andrews, American Author.