Understand the importance of mastering your mindset to overcome these challenges.

We know that irrespective of the road you choose, there is always a ‘price’ to pay.

You must be clear on exactly what it is you want. Entrepreneurs with super successful businesses can be found everywhere you look, yet very few want to discuss the ‘real’ costs of being an entrepreneur.

If you don’t become mentally and physically strong, you will be lucky to last a year at best. I want to share with you the challenges you will need to overcome as an entrepreneur and the importance of mastering your mindset.

1. Fitness Plummets

Whether you work with a team or as a Solopreneur, there are a small percentage of entrepreneurs that maintain peak fitness levels.

As a writer, I do spend a lot of time sitting down which is definitely enemy number one. Working from home and the use of technology means less movement, so it is imperative to make a conscious effort to move or exercise.

As a fitness lover my entire life and despite exercising daily and engaging in various training methods from weights, cardio, dancing, yoga to walking. I have felt a massive decline in my fitness levels, one might argue age yet I believe that is an excuse so I won’t buy into that argument.

Despite not currently being at my peak in terms of fitness, daily exercise gives me a boost in energy, confidence, and the ability to effectively manage my emotions and mindset.

2. Losing Friends

Do not expect all of your friends to be happy for your success or the fact that your priority is your business.

When you pass over their invitations one too many times for working on your marketing materials despite the fact it is Saturday evening. It becomes a constant battle to juggle priorities.

Learn to live with it and get used to changes in your inner circle. It is a positive sign that you are growing at a rapid rate. However, if you are not growing and still losing friends, it could be a sign to get brutally honest with yourself about how you treat others.

Friends stay around when your both on the same page just like a romantic relationship. When you both realise that you have vastly different priorities and goals you know it’s time to move on.

3. Losing Your Mind

If you are one of the fortunate few that have your family’s complete support for your business and they understand your journey, that is great news.

However, not every family understands the journey you are on or your reasons for leaving a regular pay check for the instability and uncertainty of living on the edge.     They truly believe you have ‘lost your mind’. 

It can be hard for them to witness the changes that occur within you or understand your 24/7 obsession with your business. They often respond this way out of concern or feeling ‘neglected’.

4. Swimming In A Sea Of Sharks

Being an entrepreneur means swimming daily in a sea of sharks. It sometimes becomes difficult to know who to trust and who is really a ‘friend’.

Obviously, ideas are a dime a dozen and the bottom line is the execution. If you move too slow you miss out with others successfully implementing your great ideas before you have time to turn around.

At other times, entrepreneurs may want to know you for what you can do for them and instantly disappear once that happens.

As an entrepreneur, it is imperative that you become a master at understanding human behaviour so you can quickly decipher who to trust and whom is in your circle of friends.

5. The Myth Of Giving

For as long as I can remember, I have always been a ‘giver’. I believe that giving is one of the greatest thing you can do as a human.

I believed that you could never give too much. I hate to admit it – I was wrong.

One thing the last few years has taught me is that unfortunately there is a limit to how much you can give to others particularly if you haven’t fulfilled your own needs first. There is a reason for the quote: ‘You can’t pour from an empty cup, take care of yourself first’.

When you give too much, it causes an imbalance as you lose your sense of self. As humans, we need to learn the art of giving and receiving. There is no one way street.

Nothing in life is one-sided, there are a million reasons why being an entrepreneur is the most fascinating journey of your life. Being aware of the challenges helps you to be better equipped for what lies ahead.

Understand the benefits of mastering your mindset far outweighs the daily effort required of doing so.


This article was first published in Inc.com