Caleb Maddix is the youngest entrepreneur I have ever met. Here are the wunderkind’s top strategies for sales success.

Caleb Maddix is certainly one of a kind. An intelligent 14-year-old with great discipline, ambition and an infectious personality. Maddix is the Founder of Kids4Success.Tv and author of ‘Keys To Success For Kids’. A tweet to his loyal followers says it all:

‘The goal of life isn’t to live forever…It’s to create something that will’.

I first met Maddix at a Business Armageddon conference in Sydney, Australia. Invigorated by his confidence and inspired by his vision to create a brighter world for future generations. As soon as I read what freedom meant to Maddix in a Forbes article, that was the moment I knew I had to interview him.

From the last two years on his entrepreneurial journey, Maddix says that June 2016 was his best month. After meeting him personally and talking to him over Skype, I now know why. He shares with us his 5 top sales strategies:

1. Serve Not Sell

Maddix suggests that entrepreneurs start by replacing the word sell with serve.

Serving is all about problem solving. Discovering the person’s problem or challenge and finding out how that is problem is surfacing in their business and life.

When you talk with a prospect consider:

  1. How may I serve this person today?
  2. What is this problem costing this person?
  3. How much time and energy is being used to fix this problem?

Serving means listening rather than simply selling your solution. It involves asking powerful questions and digging deep to find out what is really going on below the surface.

The worst thing you can do is sell someone a product that don’t need. Anyone can sell a solution that doesn’t help a client however you are effectively doing a disservice to yourself and that person.

2. Truly Connect

Stop closing the door on the sale before you open it. Truly connect with your prospect prior to moving to selling your solution.

Maddix is a strong communicator who spends time genuinely connecting with people. He listens to what they say and finds out what they actually want.

Today, people want to deal with authentic entrepreneurs who can connect with them and intently listen. Uncover exactly what the person needs and identify if you can effectively solve their problem. If you are unable to, be honest and explain the reasons why. Where possible, give the person a referral.

3. Master Your Strengths

Go all in on your strengths. Successful people pay attention to their strengths rather than their weaknesses.

Maddix recalls advice from Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank. Harrington suggests to entrepreneurs that they write a list of all of their strengths and weaknesses. Focus on your strengths and delegate your weaknesses to your team.

For example: Maddix’s strengths include: a strong communicator via video, personable approach when meeting people, and an excellent sales person. His weaknesses he delegates to others include: replying to messages on social media and editing videos.

For solopreneurs out there, Maddix has this advice, consider:

‘How successful can you be on your own versus working with a team?’

4. Place All Your Eggs In One Basket

We have all heard the saying that millionaires have seven streams of income. Maddix was proud that he achieved this milestone and enthusiastically shared his achievement with Grant Cardone whilst hanging out in his office in Miami.

Cardone was less enthusiastic and explained that he would be in a better position by placing all his eggs in one basket. To master one thing, rather then divide your focus into multiple areas.

From that moment on, Maddix committed to building his company Kids4Success.Tv. which led to highly lucrative outcomes like sharing the stage with Grant Cardone and Gary Vaynerchuk.

5. Create A Today List

Instead of a To-Do list create a Today list. Maddix asked Cardone to do him a favor whilst he was traveling in the car, he got it done immediately. Maddix thought he would have waited until he returned to the office.

Cardone’s response was: ‘Why would I keep something else on the plate that I could eat right now?’

Create a Today list instead of a To-Do list. Get it done today rather than putting it off. Make every single moment of your life count. As Maddix says:‘Time flies but you are the pilot’.



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