20 Fabulous Ways To Raise Your Vibration

It is a fact, that the world around us responds to our energy. When you are angry you receive anger in return vs when you are loving, you receive more love. This occurs as our entire universe consists of vibrational frequencies and energy.

Everything is made up of energy that vibrates. From your morning cup of coffee to the tiny cells inside your body, along with the child that is being born to the tree outside your window.

All things have a vibration as do our thoughts, words and intentions which in turn create our feelings. People often underestimate the power of the words we choose to say and what we often think about. A higher vibration creates waves of light and transcends physical matter whereas lower vibrations are heavy and relate to dense matter. When you are in a low vibration, you often feel anger, fear, anxiety and unhappiness.

Therefore, actively choosing to raise your vibration, shifts you into a high frequency which is very positive for this frequency attracts new possibilities into your life and can create a new reality for you. When you are in alignment with your soul, the easier it becomes to fulfil your life’s desires and feel light, love and compassion.

Here are ways to raise your vibration:

  1.  A cold shower helps to change your state
  2. Listen to your favourite music as it instantly changes your state of mind
  3. Buy crystals as they help transform energy and help connect us to earth energy
  4. Eat high quality clean food: limit fast food and alcohol
  5. Be careful of the company you keep
  6. Choose your words wisely
  7. Practice acts of kindness
  8. Be grateful and read the book by Rhonda Byrne – The Magic to discover the power of gratitude
  9. Meditate to calm the mind and gain clarity and guidance
  10. Watch a funny movie
  11. Compliment others and gracefully accept compliments from others
  12. Move your body – take a walk along the beach, walk your dog or go to the gym
  13. Dance and sing from the top of your lungs
  14. Have a siesta to recharge
  15. Increase your water intake to boost your energy and have clearer skin
  16. Declutter your work and home environment to avoid feeling overwhelmed and give your unwanted good to charity
  17. Burn sage, buy a oil burner or a Himalayan salt lamp to increase good vibes within your home
  18. Read inspiring quotes or You Tube videos
  19. Wear bright, bold colours to boost your mood
  20. Ground yourself by walking barefoot on grass, water or sand. Basically, touching the earth.

It is important to note, that raising your vibration is an important part of creating the life we want. That said, it is possible to raise your vibration too high or too low. When your vibration is too high, it results in not seeing the reality of situations you encounter on a daily basis and a really low vibration creates addictions, stress, worry, conflict, negative feelings and a lack of passion and love in your life.





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  1. Thanks, Angelina for this beautiful article. The points that you figured out are really helpful. It Really works & praiseworthy. I appreciate your writing skills & thoughts. Great

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