Every thought we have is a vibration and the key to maintaining positivity is to learn how to change our state.

Every thought we have is a vibration.

When we feel on top of the world, we send a matching frequency as we attract positive people, things and events into our lives.

When we exude energy and positivity with happiness and joy radiating like a moonbeam. Life seems easy, decisions are made quickly, we know exactly where we are going and are in a more loving and giving state.

Conversely, when the roads gets bumpy, we feel like we have lost our way. We spend our time procrastinating, worrying and snapping over insignificant matters. The road becomes rocky, getting out of bed becomes an uphill battle and our momentum is lost with positivity leaking at an uncontrollable rate.

Anthony Robbins says that lasting change occurs when we are in an altered state which is why I created this list of 22 ways to instantly change your state in a heartbeat:

1. Fun

Do something just for fun.

Sometimes we get too serious about life and feel burdened by our responsibilities. Robbins says our problems need energy to survive. Having fun helps you forget your worries.

2. Freedom

Freedom is best found on the road, in the water or in the sky.

Feel the wind in your hair and switch off. Take a helicopter ride, cruise on a yacht, a ferry ride, or my favorite a long drive in your favorite car or motorbike.

3. Relax & Read

Books and articles change your state by shifting you into a state of joy, happiness, gratitude or inspiration. The great leaders of our time spend copious amounts of time devouring books.

4. Movement

Movement of any kind changes your state. If you feel lethargic, take note of your posture. Sitting up straight with your shoulders back improves your state.

Robbins tells us that: ‘Energized movement changes your state of mind’.

Breaks every 60-90 minutes make the world of difference.

5. Words

Notice the words you use when speaking.

Are you using positive or negative language?

The words we use will either give us energy or deplete our energy. If you are constantly complaining it brings more of the same, versus using upbeat, positive words.

6. Meditate

Meditation has been found to increase feel-good chemicals, endorphins and serotonin along with calming your mind.

7. Laugh

Children laugh an average of 300 times per day compared with an adult’s average of 5 times. Humor has a positive impact on your health and outlook in life.

8. Best Friend

Spending time with your dog, creates joy and positivity which is absolutely no surprise to a serious dog lover. A study conducted in Japan found that oxytocin levels increase after interacting with your dog.

9. Smile

Smiling even when you don’t feel like it improves your mood. Recent studies indicate that smiling more often rewires your brain to create more positive patterns.

10. Journaling

Journaling is a powerful tool with proven positive impacts on your physical health which leads to a greater understanding of yourself.

Writing your thoughts down uses both the analytical and creative sides of the brain which aids in the removal of mental blocks.

11. Heart

Many successful people practice the art of gratitude daily to remain present, appreciative and positive. There are many scientifically proven reasons to do so such as an increase in confidence, improvements in physical and psychological health to a great night’s sleep.

12. Think Big

Take Donald Trump’s advice and think big.

Review your vision board or revisit your goals daily to help remind you of the bigger picture and where you want to go.

13. Review

Spend time reviewing photos to remind you of the incredible experiences in your life. Photos serve as a great reminder of the journey you have been on, the changes you have made, your achievements and the beautiful people you met along the way.

14. Your Nearest And Dearest

When we talk to those closest to us, it can help us reach a resolution, take inspired action or generate new ideas. Often, they can see something we have overlooked.

15. Nature

Getting outdoors has shown to increase the parts of the brain linked to empathy, love, and emotional stability.

16. Give

A marvellous way to change your mood is to think about someone else. Volunteer for a charity organization, donate your unwanted goods, buy a a stranger a coffee or stand up to give an elderly person a seat on the bus.

17. Change Of Scenery

Having something to look forward to, shifts your thoughts to the future and gives you something to be excited about.

18. Get In The Ring

Boxing is a great stress release and gives you a fantastic all over body work out.

19. Challenge

Set yourself a new challenge to change your focus and propel you in a different direction.

20. Drink

Studies have proven that increasing your water intake improves your mood – aim for an average of 2 liters daily.

21. Chill

Robbins and I are advocates of cryotherapy. I had my first treatment in June this year and absolutely loved it.

After my session, my mood was elevated and I felt full of vitality compared to when I walked in. Cryotherapy treatments involve immersing yourself in a subzero chamber with cool air vapours of -184 degrees for between 1-3 minutes.

22. Change

For most of our lives we act on auto-pilot. By doing different things and changing your routine, you never know who you might meet, it might just change your life.


This article was originally published on Inc.com