We are naturally drawn to confident, successful people. Confident people present well, know exactly who they are, believe in themselves, know what they want and are on a continual pursuit to achieve what they want in life. Most importantly, they have high standards in terms of what they are willing to accept and what they deem is unacceptable in terms of their relationships with others both personally and professionally.

Those exuding confidence in life are alluring and admired by others within society. In many ways, they appear to ‘have it all’. They back themselves one thousand percent.

1. Research Body Language

Our non-verbal communication accounts for 55% of our communication with others view and determines your level of confidence. It can either cause confusion or clarity in our communication with others. Research body language to increase your ability to read people and improve your relationship with others.

2. Speak Deliberately

Research demonstrates that people will believe in your message, when you communicate in a deliberate manner. They are articulate and careful with their words. More often than not, they are not always the person in the room that roars the loudest. Those who are able to influence others may also speak more softly.

3. Adopt A ‘Growth’ Mindset 

Adopting a growth mindset significantly increases your ability to manage challenges, learn from others, grow exponentially and be able to see new possibilities.

4. Become Solutions Focused 

Ask ‘How’ rather than make excuses as to why something cannot be achieved. Look for the possibilities within the challenge and then speak to those who can help you make the change you want to see. There are endless solutions available however often we are too busy focusing on the ‘problem’ that we fail to see the opportunities right in front of us.

Our non-verbal communication is an integral part of our lives that can help us to further trust and believe in ourselves, therefore opening the door to endless possibilities and significantly improving our relationship with others, which increases our ability to achieve our life goals.