Relationships enable you to grow, learn and offer the support and guidance to achieve your dreams. Sometimes those closest to us such as a partner, friend or family member may not share the same enthusiasm towards helping you to achieve your audacious dreams.

Instead, they are eager to dissuade you by telling you that you can’t achieve your dreams and what is worse they are not interested in supporting or helping you in any way.

It is through these life experiences though that you learn the art of retaining your personal power whilst continuing on your journey to pursue your dreams despite what others may think.

Here are 3 crucial factors I have learnt to master in pursuit of one’s dreams:

1. Believe In Yourself

Belief in oneself is the single most important factor to achieve anything in life.

Your beliefs dictate your outcomes. When you know what you want, truly believe in your ability to achieve it, and value the work that you do, absolutely nothing can stop you. Do not allow others opinions to darken your journey or be swayed by their negative comments as it can dissolve your self-belief. If you do this, they automatically win. You are giving others the power over you and the direction of your life. No relationship is worth that. Value those people in your life who believe in you and want the very best for you.

2. Silence vs A Lion’s Roar

There is far more power in silence than trying to fight an argument you won’t win.

I believe it is simply a waste of my time and energy. Whilst some people believe you are weak by saying nothing, I believe by not responding or reacting to a negative situation shows that you are much stronger than your opponent. You are able to manage your emotions and you choose to respond when appropriate.

As Mandy Hale suggests: ‘Don’t waste words on people who deserve your silence. Sometimes the most powerful thing you can say is nothing’.

3. Become Ultra-Resilient

Many successful people have achieved their audacious dreams without anyone standing on the sidelines to cheer them on.

Learn to be your own best friend, keep your thoughts positive and take steps every day to achieve your goal. Resilient people overcome challenges far more easily than others, for they persist in the face of setbacks and continually look for the lessons they have learnt along the way.

As Mary Holloway explains: ‘Resilience is knowing that you are the only one that has the power and the responsibility to pick yourself up’.

When you believe in your dreams and are seriously committed to achieving it, stay on course no matter what the journey holds or the lack of support around you.

Through my own life experiences, I have developed a higher level of resilience. I have become considerably stronger in recent times. However, that said, I still have had to manage certain relationships in my life that are keen to criticise me with the aim of dulling my natural ability to ‘Shine Bright’ no matter what the circumstances.

I believe my strength comes from my mother who is one of the strongest women on the planet with an amazing intuition. I have learnt that others can be overwhelmed by an overload of positive energy and a big heart, which is why they work so hard to bring you down.

Believe in yourself one thousand percent and create the life you dream of. You have full control over your life. Avoid allowing others to take your personal power or negatively impact your self-belief. These 3 traits are the keys to ensuring the your reach your destination and achieve your life’s dreams.