The word ‘no’ is one of the most powerful words in the English language.

Many people have trouble saying the word ‘no’ as they are concerned they will hurt people’s feelings and are too focused on being a people pleaser. In doing so, it has a detrimental impact on the individual often leading to anger, resentment and becoming burnt out. When you continually put others needs before your own, life becomes far more challenging.

As Tony Robbins suggests: ‘We get what we tolerate’.

This is certainly not so for super successful people, emotions or worrying about others feelings do not come into the equation. If it is the right course of action to take and it will achieve their goal or outcome, they simply won’t hesitate in saying no.

Since, I have mastered the art of saying ‘no’, my life has changed dramatically.

I now attract the people and things that I want in my life rather than tolerate and accept things as they are. It saves you time, energy and gives you the ability to focus on what you want. Saying ‘no’ is an art form. Those whom have mastered the art, raise the bar, expect more of themselves and others as it generates a feeling of empowerment. No longer will you accept mediocrity or ordinary, these words cease to exist and banish overnight.

When you begin to use the word often enough and master the art of saying ‘no’, the right people and opportunities are drawn to you. For you become stronger, gain greater clarity and become more deliberate in your communication.

It is certainly true that one word can change your life just as your life can change in an instant for the better.

To attest this point, Suze Orman explains: ‘Words are the bridge from thoughts to actions’.

Practice saying ‘no’ in your life and you may be pleasantly surprised by what takes place.