There is a good reason why you don’t have all the things you desire. The population is divided up into those whom excel are getting everything they want and those who constantly yearn for more, their wish list is endless and they are unhappy with the status quo.

Successful people are crystal clear on what they want, they believe they will attain it and take massive action to achieve their career and life goals. Anything less is out of the question, they won’t tolerate mediocrity.

If I asked you this question right now: What do you want from life?

What would you say? Could you answer this question. I am certain many of you have no idea as you have not given it much thought.

Ok, time to have some fun. I learnt this activity from Dan Lok, Serial Mentor – Millionaire Mentor also known as the Boss In The Bentley. So grab a pen and paper and follow the steps below.

  1. In the centre of the page, draw a large circle.
  2. Inside the circle, make a list of all the amazing things that make up your life i.e family, friends, the car you drive, your investments and assets, memorable experiences, achievements, career success, hobbies, travel etc.
  3. Outside the circle, list all of the things on your wish list. What would you like to have? Be specific, a certain type of car, pets, designer clothes, more wealth, assets, new contacts, overseas holidays, a business or luxury items.
  4. Review all of the items you have written down, both inside and outside the circle.
  5. Ask yourself: Why don’t you have those items that are listed outside the circle?

Many people would say: funds, contacts, resources, not sure how to acquire that item and the list goes on.

The real reason you don’t have those items is because they are outside of your comfort zone. Anything outside your comfort zone requires you to do new things, do things differently, approach new people, learn new skills, acquire more knowledge.

If you really want those things listed outside the circle, you will move out of your comfort zone. You will make a decision to change your life now, change your life for the better, do something different and grow exponentially in order to achieve your dreams and live the life you know you deserve.