If you are terrified to check your bank account balance, living pay check to pay check, afraid to go to the ATM or tired of hearing that the credit card is maxed out once again, serious life changes need to take place immediately.

It begins by committing to making serious changes by assessing your current scenario. Assess the daily decisions you make, the way you choose to live and the how you spend your income as this dictates where you are right at this moment.

What you be may be unaware of is the key underlying factors impacting your daily life decisions which heavily influences the way you retain, save and earn your income. According to Barbara Huson (Stanny) the 5 major factors that impact our level of wealth are:

1. Our family’s attitude to wealth

2. Our childhood

3. Cultural beliefs

4. Source of our wealth

5. Our level of self-esteem

To upgrade your bank balance requires understanding these 5 major factors and the influence they have had on your life. Once you clearly understand your situation is when you can begin to do things differently and accept responsibility for where you are now.

Part of being able to make positive changes requires we unlearn old patterns of behaviour and ways of thinking. By unlearning your old patterns of behaviour, you will begin to move forward towards a bright new future.

As Huson explains: ‘Indeed, the moment you stop waiting and start acting, you have the opportunity to walk through a doorway to a richer, fuller, more abundant life’.