Whether you realise it or not, every successful person operates a ‘system‘.  A system is created through one’s knowledge, experiences, overcoming challenges, learning from mistakes and those one associates with.

If you think about a successful sport star, they follow a system that creates their level of success. This applies to every successful person from a wealthy business person, real estate agent, financial planner to an actor or a model.

To attest this point, Scott Adams explains: ‘Losers have goals, winners have systems’.

They have either been born with and/or learnt the ‘right‘ skills and apply these skills in the ‘right‘ environment. More importantly, they also understand the rules of the game. Everyone is playing the game however it is the way you play the game that determines your level of success.

As Henry John Heinz suggests: ‘Doing a common thing uncommonly well brings success’.

Success stories are everywhere and believe it or not success is not determined by whether your a good person or not. It occurs whether or not your intentions are affirmative or perverse as per the below examples illustrate.

A perfect example would be Bernie Madoff, a former American stock broker, investment advisor, and financier. Madoff operated a ponzi scheme which is now classified as the largest financial fraud in U.S history. The secret to Madoff’s system and success was that he understood people’s greed and took advantage of it.

Likewise, the Principal Dealer of a Car Franchise who reads people unbelievably well and has learnt the art of playing mind games all day for a living knows exactly how to successfully attain his/her business goals and the same applies to any industry.

Now, I want to ask you the following three questions:

1. Who do you want to become?

2. What is your ‘system‘?

3. How can you improve your system to create greater levels of success?

The answers to these questions determine if you become like Bernie Madoff or Arianna Huffington. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide who you want to become.